What is Bitcoin?

Upon much thinking and consideration in terms of what bitcoin actually is; my personal thought is bitcoin is solidified energy.

For example, I find the economics on my name insanely fascinating. Basically you have a bunch of nerds with super computers, consuming lots of electrical energy and power in order to solve mathematically very difficult equations, to be rewarded with bitcoin per block.

As a consequence, this computing power, and electrical energy power is then converted and solidified into bitcoin.


Is Bitcoin bad for the planet?

No this is the annoying question that everyone asks, whether it is bad for the planet or not. People talk about all of the Chinese producing cheap energy through coal power plants, in order to mind these bitcoins. Yet nobody seems to have any problems talking about how the same mainland Chinese companies like Foxconn also burn through cheap sources of energy like Cole in order to make your iPhone Pro. 

Also, the lithium batteries in your Tesla are bad for the planet. Your Amazon prime subscription is bad for the planet. You streaming Netflix and Spotify all the time is bad for the planet.

Therefore I feel like this question of whether something is good for the planet or bad for the planet is the red herring. Which means, it isn’t really a significant question.

In fact, who knows maybe all this desire to mind more bitcoin or crypto will encourage more innovators and industrialist to perhaps invest in solar power. Truth be told there is no power more powerful than the sun. Even for myself is a human being, biological human being, I drive the most car in energy when I am in the direction. In fact my idea a paradise, or a perfect house or a home is a house or a home that gets sunlight, From sunrise to sunset. Kind of like a panopticon of the sun.

 This is where Elon Musk and Tesla is so genius; if you end up getting the Tesla solar roof, and getting a Tesla vehicle, in theory you can become your own energy producer your own utility, and to some extent, create your own grid.

What is the point of bitcoin anyways? 

This is where we have to delve into a more critical line of inquiry about the purpose of wealth and money in general.

For example, some things that money is good for include paying for airline airplane airline tickets, paying for rent, maybe paying your mortgage, buying a car, buying meat food and groceries at Costco, etc. 

Also money is good for paying for your Internet connection, preferably a gigabit fiber optic Internet connection, I just got thing.com connected at my apartment and I love it, and also using money to buy your digital camera, your iPad Pro or whatever.

So basically, the purpose of money is on one hand to acquire beneficial tools for you and your thriving.

As a creator, innovator, artist, certainly you need some tools. You need some sort of camera digital camera, some sort of computer laptop or iPad device, some sort of Internet connection or Wi-Fi network somewhere. And also you gotta eat; so certainly you got to spend some money on groceries food and meat, once again, Costco is a good bet because Costco doesn’t make a profit on their proceeds; they just make profits off of their membership. Therefore as consequence, you know that when you’re buying anything at Costco, you’re essentially paying rock bottom prices.