For those of us who played Diablo II, one interesting micro economy that happened and occurred was this notion of a SOJ, or a stone of Jordan; the general idea was that certain items were worth X amount of stone of Jordans (SOJ’s for short).

This becomes very interesting because I almost wonder, maybe we could use the stone of Jordans, SOJ’s as an analogy for bitcoin.

For example, if you wanted the lightsaber, the mythical sword I actually wanted for my paladin in Diablo II— which never missed, let us say it cost maybe 5 SOJ’s. I actually wonder if down the world, people will trade their rare Ferraris for bitcoin as well.

For example, let us say you have a very rare Ferrari F40, maybe they will trade it for 3 bitcoins or something.

or another thought; thinking more long-term; my personal vision is that I will purchase my first house or property for 1.3 bitcoin. For me the current analogy is that one bitcoin is worth $1 million dollars USD.

For example with houses, especially here in Culver City Los Angeles etc.; you cannot find a single-family house for less than $2.3 million. That is $1 million a bedroom — for just a generic 2 bed, maybe 1 bath maybe 2 bag.