Real Power?


How to gain more power How to gain more power and ascendancy?

In America and much of the western world, we make the wrong mistake and we have the wrong idea that more US dollars currency means more power. 

In truth, US dollars, currency is only an intermediary to other stuff.

Real estate?

It seems that the traditional person, the baby boomer, the millennial, the General why whatever, the thought is that real estate is true wealth. However, there are many downsides of real estate:

First, taxes. Property taxes. I think the problem is you never really own the land; rather, it is more like a privilege loan or borrowing or leasing from the government or the local city municipality.

For example, let us say that I buy a house or property for $3 million or $5 million. Whether I’d like it or not, I must pay $7,000-$8,000 in property taxes, month, perpetuity, even if I don’t do anything with it. 

Liability or real asset?

Michael Saylor talks about “trophy assets”; your Picasso, your classic Ferrari, whatever.

However, all these things are not appreciating assets, rather they are liabilities.

For example, let us say that you get that brand new Lamborghini with the scissor doors, and you accidentally get a flat tire. Boom, you’re out $12,000.

Or, let us have that expensive; slowly overtime, the value of that thing bleeds; and also, maintenance costs.

Physical laws

Also a big consideration is physical laws; rust, erosion, mold, termites ants whatever.

Another big downside of physical property, owning a house or whatever or a home, regardless of how good the materials you build it with, slowly overtime, the thing will slowly rust and rot away.

I think if you think about the laws of entropy, it is simple; as time goes on, the durability of the thing goes down.

For example, any home sooner or later, will get some sort of mold, and will be needed to be torn down and reconstructed. I’m shocked even in the year 2024; a lot of wood actually is going into building these homes.

If you have your ideal glass, it seems like a pain to keep all of the windows clean! 


Philosophers have grappled with issue of the purpose or the end of life, for millennia.

I think for me, the most interesting set of ideas comes from Nietzsche in his unpublished manuscripts, “The will to power”. The wheel to power, is not a true book in the sense that he didn’t want it to be published, it was just like a set of his ideas started down, and eventually he brought up the project at the very end. I believe that I read a footnote that You found out that his concept of the world to power was flawed, as it was an all encompassing idea, ended up just using the last pages of his manuscript to write out a shopping list of groceries or whatever.

However, I think the basic concept ring is true. What is it that man desires? More power, more ascendancy, more dominance.

In today’s world, what is the most dominant for economic power. Perhaps above that is military power, as it is the underlying asset which supports economic power, but for most of us typical individuals, it is monetary economic wealth and power.

Quit buying those dollars

In Los Angeles, if you work in McDonald’s the minimum wage is now point dollars USD an hour! This is insane. It seems that economically rational thing for most people to do is quit their traditional minimum wage jobs, and never to just get a job at Shake shack, In-N-Out, or McDonald’s. Maybe even Taco Bell?

The reason why I find this so alarming is that slowly but surely, we are going to see a massive devaluing of the US currency. Truth be told,  globally, the US dollar is still probably the most valuable currency, worth 1 trillion times more than the Chinese yuan, the euro or whatever… But still, this is scary.

For example, a shock now if you just want to get a single hamburger patty, just a patty no bun no nothing, a shake shack it is $2.50! This is insane, literally two weeks ago it was only $1.49.

Mathematics economics perspective the price of this food commodity has almost doubled!

What this means is that in the long run, I think we will see the prices of everything close to double in terms of rent prices, food prices, even Costco and Amazon and Amazon Amazon prime and Whole Foods is trying their best to keep prices down, but still… This inflation is getting out of control.

I was just doing some basic math in my head, let us say that you work at McDonald’s for $20 an hour, and you work eight hours a day. That is $160. Let us say that after taxes you’re making about $120 a day. Let us say that, you’re working 30 days a month, your take-home salary might be close to $4000! For working at McDonald’s?


First, a paradigm shift. I think the first to big realization that I made is that currency, US dollars is not money. 

For example, Fernando Galliani wrote his treatsie on money, nearly 500 600 years ago, talking about the history of money,ducats, gold, silver and the like. 

Some interesting things:

First, there have been periods of history in which silver was actually worth more than gold! Also I wonder, in the past, in that infamous scene in the Iliad in which may be Ajax and the other hero on the Trojan side exchanges arms and armor, apparently They trade golden shield for a bronze shield, and apparently the value of the gold shield was worth 100 times more than the bronze shield. But I wonder if maybe… even back then, bronze was worth more than gold? Because of war?

I think most Americans are stupid with money

It seems that 99% of the fascination of Americans has to deal with automobiles and cars and vehicles.

For example, it don’t matter if you’re in the Midwest, the coasts, if you’re liberal, support Donald Trump or whatever… Everyone is being suckered by some sort of car and vehicle.

For example, let us say that you are a true patriot, you’ll probably want to buy some sort of Ford or Chevy truck, and wave some sort of American or confederate flag from it.

Or let us say that you’re a proud American liberal, you might drive a Tesla because Teslas are sexy and cool and they are built in America. This is where I find cyber truck to be so fascinating and disruptive because traditionally we think about people who drive trucks is being some sort of hillbilly rednecks Republican from the south, not liberal. Elon Musk has disrupted all of this; now it is cool to drive a truck, because it literally looks like something out of a video game, Like a cyberpunk universe. Maybe for marketing purposes, the new cyberpunk video game should make the cybertruck the official vehicle. 

Economic power?

After World War II, in the toppling of the Hitler Nazi regime, I think for most practical purposes, Germany has been castrated. I think America has position things in such a way that even if shit hits the fan, Germany will never have enough military power to overtake or even challenge America.

So what did Germany do instead? She shifted all of her power resources and energies towards economic production, economic might. A consequence, Germany now has become a economic powerhouse, on the planet. It seems that even Americans now, we are still obsessed with German good; much of the American population still desires to drive “foreign“; which is some sort of Mercedes-Benz, AMG, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, etc. And let us not forget that almost all these luxury car brands are owned by the Volkswagen VW group.

Are people stupid? Don’t they know that a Porsche 911 is just a Volkswagen beetle on steroids? And that a Porsche 911 GT 3 RS is just a turbo beetle with a body kit? 

Or that an Audi is just like an upgraded Volkswagen Passat? 

And that a Rolls-Royce Cullinan is just a BMW times seven with a facelift, and that even a Rolls-Royce ghost is just a BMW seven series with different doors.

Power for the sake of what?

Power wars?

Going back to ancient Greece, I still find the Iliad to be the best book and cultural document, of all time.

 for example, what was the power struggle in the Iliad? King Agamemnon, just wants to keep gobbling up more land, whereas the hero Achilles, just wants to retire from battle, take Breisis his prize, and just chill out on his own home pasture. 

The second best book, the Odyssey with Odysseus as the hero, what does he want? He just wants to sell home back to his wife, back to his kingdom, take back the throne with his son, and just chill out.

Modern day society is much more greedy? 

It seems like a lot of people, either people are foolish, or greedy.

I don’t necessarily think greed is a bad thing, maybe it’s just a foolish thing?

For example, people just want to keep accumulating more property, more cars, more cash dollars, whatever… For the sake of what? Nobody gives this anycritical thinking. 


A big realization: also job are bad because they are closed ecosystems.

For example, let us say that you work at Apple or whatever, and it seems that the impetus of your whole life is to keep climbing the corporate letter. But the critical problem and the flaw here is that it is all a closed ecosystem.

For example, that one position that you want, to get that upgrade, that salary bump or whatever… If you are in a corporation or a company, it is very zero sum.

Think the open free market?

Free enterprise!

Free enterprise means freedom enterprise.

I think the only real way to thrive today’s modern day capitalist world is to build your own capital, for you to become a capitalist, and to start your own company, your own corporation, your own sold for prior ship or whatever.

Also a new ones; I wonder if it is actually superior to be a private corporation, rather than a public one.

It seems that the big problem about being a publicly treated company, even though you might get more flows of capital, the major downside is that you lose control, you have to sit on the boring board of trustees or whatever, you become enslaved to boring meetings.

If you’re private corporation, you could just do whatever you want and not have to report to anybody.

Solo, sole proprietor?

My ambition for Seneca is for him to build his own capital, for him to do his own thing, learn how to wisely leverage economics in his favor, and not be be bedridden to any BS in modern day society. 

Free school

Seneca is currently three years, one month old, and this is my great pride:

For his whole existence, from conception until now, he has never watched any YouTube, Netflix Netflix, Disney Disney+, etc.

He really has no idea what Spider-Man or Batman is, he has no notions of superheroes, he has never watched Moana or whatever.

My sister Anna always jokes that “We must not send him to public school, or private school, because all these kids are bad!”

It is true. Even private school kids, they all get hooked on weird designer drugs, etc.  

Not only that, the parents are bad. It doesn’t matter if they’re rich and affluent, or poor and or working class. It seems that all modern day parents are foolish.

Have I ever met another wise parent? No. Only myself.

Power and kids? 

I am 36 years old, born at 1988. It seems that for my generation, the new modern day flex is children. Having children, kids, and to some extent, the more kids you got, the more successful.

For example, seems that the majority of people nowadays either have zero kids or one kid. They would rather have dogs, go to festivals, engage in degenerate things. 

Even amongst my real friends, I think I’m the only one who is married and has a kid, and at most, the most kids I have witnessed is maybe two kids. Three kids in my age group is almost unthinkable. Four or five kids? Forget about it.

I think the reason why kids were the number of kids you have is the new social status is that the number you got is kind of a proxy of how rich you are. 

For example, the traditional family must go to work, send their kids to daycare or whatever. This is very expensive.

Also part of it, not really sure why people pursue career; for the sake of what?

Still at the end of the day, I think the duty of the parent is to take care of the kids. And also maybe the duty of a grandparent is to help take care of the grandchildren?


I think when you think about it long enough, eventually you want to live a life and do things which is beyond yourself. Which means that after you die, some part of you will remain and continue and ideally last into perpetuity?

For example, a simple one is your kids, thinking about your kids kids kids.

Most Americans don’t think this way because the typical Americans is too individualistic; they think only about themselves, their own personal life etc.

I think the reason why a lot of people don’t have kids anymore is that they think it will positively happiness. That is if you have a kid, your life will positively become negative happy.

But is this true? No. There is literally no breeder joy and happiness on planet earth and beyond then seeing the face in the laughter of your own blood child.

Grandparents without grandkids?

Another very very sad side; seeing the elderly without either any children or grandchildren?

I should find a really really sad, I see this already my family is that my cousins don’t want to have kids, and now that my uncles and aunts are older and they’re 70s, they are Baron and don’t have any grandchildren. Seneca is almost like proxy grandchild for them; and the amount of happiness and joy he brings to them is astounding.

Even me, I’m quite certain that that will decide to have kids, but if I was a grandparent in my 70s or 80s, and Seneca didn’t have his own child, or even worse he said that he’ll never have kids… This might be the most sad and miserable thing of all time.

Maybe this is also why people or parents decide to have multiple kids; the chance that one of your kids will not procreate?

Bitcoin and economic power

The more research I do on bitcoin, the more I think about it so yet and philosophies about it, the better and better of an idea it seems.

First, I spent a lot of time thinking about it by myself, solo. Then I started listening to a lot of interviews and lectures and writings from Michael Saylor, one of the great bitcoin proponents. I really delight in the wisdom and experience of Michael Saylor, as he ran his own software company for over 30 years, I would probably trust the opinion of a CEO, who has real life world experience, rather than the average guy on the street. 

Trust no man over the age of 40?

I’m currently at 36, I’m going to be 40 years old soon.

Apparently the guy who discovered that blood was pump through your heart and recirculated back into your heart, when he discovered this, he famously said that no doctor over the age of 40 would believe him. Because they were too set in their ways of thinking. 

Even amongst my age group, I’m starting to see the nihilism in the blaze kick in. The ones optimism hope joy and foolish knives optimism has become overshadowed by drugs, festivals, marijuana, sports, video games, etc. Living towards no ends.

This is even happening in the “zillenial” or “Gen Z” age group — the world is inequity injustice whatever, so what is the point of all of it? Do a bunch of drugs, go to festivals, lose yourself in nonsense.

The feeling of power?

What is power? I think ultimately, power is a feeling — a physiological feeling.

For example, it don’t matter if you got $1 billion, if the guy next to you has $1 trillion, and has 10 yachts while you only have one yacht, you might feel poor by comparison.

Therefore the first idea is wealth power abundance whatever is all comparative.

For example, it is very different to own $1 million in Culver City, than own $1 million in Cambodia.

Portable wealth

You cannot take your Lamborghini with you to Cambodia. But, you could take your bitcoins with you!

Also, you cannot take your single-family home in Los Angeles with you to Thailand. But you could take your digital property, a.k.a. your bitcoin to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam Korea etc. 

Human capital

Out of all the forms of capital, certainly there is no greater wealth than human capital, let us not forget that the notion of capital comes from the notion of “kaput“, or “caput” or “cap”– which literally means head. 

For example, back in ancient Greece, before money was invented, you would actually count your wealth by how many heads of oxen you had. For example, if if you wanted to make a libation or a sacrifice to the gods, to Zeus, he would sacrifice the heads of 100 oxen and cattle,… Certainly a very expensive endeavor considering that oxen are useful for many things; plowing the land, and also, food. Let us say that the average male ox is at least 2000 pounds… 2000 pounds of meat, that is a lot.

Even if you do modern economics, 2000 pounds of meat, assuming that meat is five dollars a pound… That is $10,000 a head of oxen? 

Then, 10,000×100 … 1,000,000–  I had to come was like 1 million bucks?

Anyways, I think the most enlightening thing about going to Asia Southeast Asia etc. is how cheap labor is. In America, I think the great downside is that labor is so expensive, and the people are so lazy and entitled.

Also, the thing which is really bizarre America is that a lot of these men labor jobs, are being run by adults… Whereas they could easily be run by teenagers, or college kids. Even apparently back in the day minimum wage was a means of pink highschoolers to do random Jobs like restaurant work, fast food work, coffee shop barista. Imagining a 35 year old man working at Shake shack, or a coffee shop to pay rent and support his family… Seems bizarre?

Keep stacking those bitcoins 

20 bitcoins matte black 

Is bitcoin a gamble? Probably. But, if you have a once in a 10,000 year lifetime opportunity, don’t you want to seize it?


Bitcoin Futures

Thinking beyond


  1. Being antisocial is anti manly?
  2. Where are all of the real men in LA?
  3. Transform and turn your body into the cybertruck !
  4. Your car shows who you truly are

Bitcoin innovations?

The more people who join the bitcoin ecosystem better; like institutions and institutional investors.

How long until Harvard or Yale will put some of their endowment into bitcoin?

Bitcoin messaging? To send verifiable messages, inscribed with a Satoshi?

Bitcoin Photos,,, ordinals?

Is bitcoin open source?

Quality of market data — chainlink

Exaggeration of trading volumes?

Big deal:

every Bitcoin trade is added to the blockchain ledger and that entire ledger, including the history of every transaction ever made in the ledger, is available to any user running a node on that network.

Issues solved?

Bitcoin cons solve issues of money laundering?

Think B’s

You gauge danger and risk by yourself

4 year time stamps

Always think four years ahead

The North Star

Signal vs Noise

Think about yearly snapshots, just check prices once a year; a lot less noise, better signal.

Traditionally year over year, 73% of the time it will always go up

100 Bitcoins

Economic thoughts

Stimuluses, stimulus checks don’t work!

What is the big problem here?

It seems that the big problem is people sign up for jobs, but they don’t show up for work!

Market capitalization

the market capitalization of Bitcoin hit $1 trillion on February 19, 2021, whereas gold’s market capitalization was approximately $10 trillion.

Market cap for bitcoin is now higher than that of gold? 


OK, some basic observations:

First, it looks like the desire of most Americans or many Americans is to one day own property, own a home, a single-family house, property, a condo or whatever, or like my British friends like to call it… “flats”–

Some problems here:

1. First, this issue of property taxes:

Let us say you buy that $2.99 million house, all in cash, one thing you forget is that for the rest of your life, into perpetuity, you’re going to have to pay property taxes on that! This might be around $6000-$7,000 USD a month, just in property taxes… which goes all to your local city government, which is essentially lost money. 

Call me naïve, but, I had no notions of property taxes before –. for example, already renting a really really nice apartment in Culver City California is $3200 a month,… assuming property taxes could be in the four to $7000 range a month, doesn’t it make better financial sense to just rent?

2. Maintenance?

Another big property issues; the physical laws of where in tear, rust, mold, things breaking.

For example, the other day I spent maybe 30 minutes just cleaning up my bathroom, scrubbing the bathtub, wiping the floors, cleaning the toilet bowl etc.… I cannot imagine having to maintain more space!

Also, looks like all of my millennial friends who have purchased homes end up secretly regretting it; they never realize how big of an issue it is to change the hot water boiler, replacing the roof, which could easily cost you $50-$70,000 USD, Price of a cyber truck, or other things breaking, having to call the plumber, etc.

I think the hard thing about us millennials, or people like me, we were born in 1988… we like to live, we don’t like to maintain. We prefer going out, being nomadic, traveling to Japan and stuff like that.

I think there is a big cultural shift.

You could take your bitcoins to Mars!

I was randomly watching the Elon Musk talk about to making earth an interplanetary species, the most recent video on Very cool.

I think maybe the interesting thing is once we humans colonize mars and other planets… Yeah, you could take your bitcoins with you! Assuming that there will be some sort of really slow rudimentary Internet on Mars or in space… The transfer speeds for bitcoin don’t need to be that fast.

Can you imagine, buying Mars property for a bitcoin?


People say bitcoin is not real money, this is true. But neither is the US dollar, fiat currency, or the little green and blue Benjamin’s in your wallet. Neither are the ones in zeros in your JP Morgan Chase bank account, or your checking or savings account.


Somebody big news here in Los Angeles or California; the minimum wage for working at a restaurant or shake shack or McDonald’s is now $20 USD an hour! This is a massive jump from the previous $16 USD an hour, almost 4 dollar increase out of thin air overnight!

To me this is a really really big deal, underlying idea of helping people pay rent is a good one, but the financial monetary policy is a bad one.

For example, the other day Seneca and I just went to Shake shack, to get our iconic single burger beef patty, which used to only cost $1.49 USD. When we ordered it, and I handed Seneca two one dollar bills to pay, the guy working there said it was $2.50.  I told the guy that he clearly must be mistaken, maybe he punched something in wrong, because it is always $1.49. He then told me, about the minimum wage increase, is a consequence, the businesses all raised the cost of the food items on the menu to accommodate the increased cost. 

No this is very bad because it is going to discourage me from eating out now. Which is also bad news for the minimum wage workers go there, and work there. Because more people are going to get laid off, or more robots and automation is going to be innovated, because businesses don’t like paying high wages for workers. I am pretty certain that you will start to quickly see a lot more innovation in terms of robots at McDonald’s flipping your burgers etc. Maybe the business will be insulated in and out, which people don’t seem to mind paying higher prices for.

What are we truly searching for?

First, I think the average person would prefer not to have a job, not to work. It’ll matter if you work at Apple, Facebook, Amazon whatever… It don’t matter if you’re being paid $1.2 million a year, nobody likes to have to show up for work.

First desire is freedom, freedom from a boss, freedom from work, freedom to have to check our email in our phones, freedom of schedule time life and focus.

If anything, my new definition of success:

Name no man successful until he go two years without checking his email!

Brand — we buy the brand, we buy the brand name

Bitcoin has the best brand


1000 bitcoins?

Becoming a bitcoin whale?

Blackrock — #1 asset manager


> Sentiments such as those expressed by billionaire investor Bill Miller of Miller Value Partners in an investor letter dated January 21, 2021 may draw even more traditional investors into the Bitcoin domain. He writes that “almost every long-term holder of Bitcoin has earned a higher rate of return in Bitcoin than in anything else, and those that understand it see little reason to put their excess marginal liquidity into other assets at this point. The world is ruled by fat tail events, or seemingly improbable occurrences that have an outsized impact, and all indicators so far point to Bitcoin as being one.”138


The funny thing with graphs and data is that you could always make it tell whatever story you want, based on the day, month, or the year trend


What really is Bitcoin?

In my line of thinking, perhaps what bitcoin really is is optimism for the future! Also, long-term thinking, and obvious thinking.

For example, even Fernando Galliani said on money –

True money … the materials which are used to make it must be scarce.

Like gold!

21 million… A number which is easy for anyone to remember, 21, like being 21 years old before you legally drink alcohol or whatever… If there will only be ever 21 million bitcoins, it is almost like if there were only 21 million humans That will ever be in existence for the rest of existence?

Imagine if there was a mass extinction, and only 21 million people on the whole planet earth, out of around 8 billion… Will be saved. Wouldn’t you want to be one of them?

1 Bitcoin = 1 Child?

Thinking about this further; once you enter the 10+ bitcoin club, maybe you could think to yourself that if you wanted to, you could have at least 10 children. When your kids grow up, each kid will receive one bitcoin as an inheritance. Like each kid Inheriting a house, or $1 million or whatever.


stable coins?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the US government will start adopting US dollar coin?

governments and crypto

One grand thought is that perhaps, if governments end up  adopting crypto or bitcoin or whatever for their balance sheets, taxes, expenditures or whatever… It would build a lot of public trust. For example, imagine just being able to look up the wallet, the online Blockchain wallet address of the US military and see what she really spent money on.

It could be good for nonprofit organizations, if I donate $100 to a charity cause, how do I know that that money is really being provided to help poor kids in Africa some office manager spending $100 for a new office chair?


I have never met a woman taller than me?

We gotta make moving money easier!

Currently, moving money is a huge pain in the fucking ass. Especially with larger mountains, Zelle ain’t good enough.

Why do these banks make it so hard to wire moderate money amount like $100,000, $125,000 etc.?

My personal theory is they want to make it difficult because they are currently hoarding your US dollars to invest it for them to make more money. Rather than release her funds to you the rightful owner.

digital yuan?

a world without borders?

I love America, but, the US government will not last forever. It will probably last for Seneca‘s lifetime, maybe after his kids, but beyond that, I am very very dubious. I think America will be around for 300 years, but I doubt America will be around 1000 years from now. As a consequence, The funny thought though is bitcoin will continue to last, forever?


All graphs and diagrams are fake, don’t trust them

The funny thing with graphs and diagrams that when we look at them, we assume that they are real because they are a graph or a diagram. But in truth, they are not real.

becoming a bitcoin bum in Thailand?

Imagine that you could live in a really really nice apartment or hotel in Thailand, by the beach or whatever, only for a few Satoshi a day. You could live there forever for the rest of your life, without ever spending a single bitcoin.

Burn the tokens for Bitcoin? 

Eventually, bitcoin is the endgame, the final thing you really want, not the USD.


The philosopher Schopenhauer once remarked that “All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Keep buying those bitcoins


How much can you tow?

become a bitcoin troll?

Becoming the Bull

Manly Thoughts

Who Has the Biggest Dick in the Room?

I think for us men, much of life, modern day life is just a massive dick measuring contest. But the question is, if indeed and in fact, you do have the biggest dick, so what?

The first question is, is your joy or your desire to just swing it around, and joy in throwing it all around? Probably one of the hottest moments of my life was when some guy at the gym, tried to pump me, when I was stretching my leg saying that I look like Jackie Chan or almost kicked him and made some kung fu sounds, I approached him afterwards, and I pretended to swing my dick at him, and then I just joked around with him and had a chat with him.

Cyber truck

This is where cyber truck is so fastening to me, truth be told, it seems that out of all of the cars in LA, if you’re driving a cyber truck, you certainly have the biggest dick in town, the biggest, the most grand, the most stainless steel dick on the planet. 

I think this is where the whole Overlanding movement and trend is so fascinating; the name of the game is who could be the tallest, the most dominant on the road? So it seems like on a basic trend, he is tallest, shall win.

This is where things become funny because there are lots of inconsistencies here.

First, it seems that traditionally, if you live more in a cosmopolitan area or city, Apex and manliness, having the biggest dick is having some sort of Lamborghini, or Ferrari, or maybe Porsche close to the ground. This is where the cyber truck is so disruptive; You just break out of the whole categories, you break out of the segment. You’re no longer trying to flex your sports card, but you have a whole new invention and concept; a truck.

I think what is so fascinating about cyber truck, if you look at the overall profile, it almost looks like a Lamborghini cage, but even more angular.

Also, I’ve seen a handful of cyber trucks now, out in the wild, in the real world, and what is so impressive is that the stainless deal when you see it in the bright Los Angeles light is actually very very impressive.

No more loser Rivian

For a hot minute, it looks like the hot car to have in Los Angeles is the Rivian R1 S SUV– honestly I think it’s a really cool car. Essentially it’s almost like the new Range Rover of Los Angeles; it seems that both men and women like to drive it.

First, I think it is built on a similar chassis to the R1 truck, which means that it has superior height, which seems that everyone in Los Angeles loves. I think the whole ethos is you want to treat your car like an armored vehicle, or a tank. The general idea is that in Los Angeles, because the place is such a concrete cluster fuck, people feel protected in their armored vehicles, a.k.a. their Mercedes-Benz AMG wagons, and even the whole notion of getting all black everything murdered out car with full tents is that people want to feel like Batman, Ready to take on the world.

How to get that big D energy

I think there is a meme going around on the Internet, something like big energy, big D energy, whatever. The basic ID I think is that he who has really really high levels of testosterone, essentially big dick confidence energy, is calm, masculine, Tall and strong, dominant, and cheerfully confident. ERIC KIM.

I think the reason why I am so disruptive is that typically people do not equate masculinity with Asian, Asian American guys. In the past, I think an Asian American man or an Asian man, was never masculine per se; he was kind of more of a sorcerer. For example, if you think about Bruce Lee, maybe even Jackie Chan, their strength and their power is almost comedic, and is based on meta physical principles like Kung fu or knowing some sort of magical trigger point, which would cause their heart to explode or something.

However, ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be masculine, a tank, like or no Schwarzenegger, with seeing the huge muscles, indomable. In fact, when I was a kid back in New York, Bayside Queens, certainly I was known as being the strongest out of all my friends, and then growing up, I continued this trend. in high school, I wanted to take on the most hard-core manly sport, which in America is currently American football. So I join the team, my sophomore year I was outside linebacker, and then junior year I became middle linebacker. Essentially in defense, the middle linebacker is the head honcho. We called the calls, and we are also the last line of defense.

What women will never understand about men 

I think nowadays the modern day trend is for me to understand woman… But, there doesn’t seem to be any effort either way, woman seeking to understand man.

It is true… Man is dominant in society, man holds the power, the true power. Even if you put the clog forward 1 billion years, as long as men are physically and physiologically taller, more muscular and dominant, you’ll never see women becoming superior to man.

So the philosophical question:

Should those empower seek to understand those with less power, or vice versa?

In other words, the trend is according to Christian modern day ethics, notions of equality, the overall trend is that those who are privileged, rich, upon high should seek to understand the poor, the lowly, the disenfranchised. Yet there is not an opposite case in which the poor the lonely the powerful made to understand the rich and the powerful.

My case?

So my case is unique and interesting and so far much as technically I come from a family of privilege, on both sides–

Yet, having both my family members, my dad and my mom coming to the states, was almost like a hard reset. As a consequence, even though we had a lot of social economic support back home in Korea, in the states we were quite poor.

Fast-forward a bit, now that I am now 36 years old, being born in 1988, then moving back to LA… I’m an interesting position, I guess I’m a full-blown adult now. As a consequence, there becomes a new battle, a new Contest for manliness and masculinity, which has to do more with social economic power. For example, who is the richest in the room, whose Ferrari has the biggest dick? 


A few months ago, I was walking around Culver City, near one of the fancy hotels, is that always do, topless. And a dude at the hotel checking up on his Ferrari comes out to me, in his Playboy looking Paisley flower dress shirt, noticeably shorter than me, Comes up to me and tries to jab at me and says “What is this, no shirt Thursdays?” — essentially, signifying in highlighting the fact that he indeed was insecure about his own masculinity, and he felt bad that he saw a dude way more jacked than him, his own body being much more impressive than his loser Ferrari. Of course, I didn’t let this loser guy punk me, and then actually stepped closer to him, showing him in the flesh that I was indeed much taller bigger stronger and more dominant than him, and then I started to tease him about his loser Ferrari. 

So in LA, I’ve actually found that most of the successful guys, the rich guys, are all pretty short. They all look like actors in the face, strong piercing eyes, masculine looking forehead and eyebrows, strong jawline, big head, but once they pop out of their loser Range Rover or their loser AMG G WAGON,  they are like 5‘6“ tall. For reference I am about 5‘11“ tall– 180, 182cm.

The contest for dominance

 I recall, back in middle school, even a little bit of high school… Some of the kids were the biggest bullies were actually very very small and short, but for some reason had a lot of self-confidence?

Something that never really made sense to me was that they would punk on kids almost 2 feet taller than them, and may be also weighing about 100 pounds more than them. If they both gone to a fistfight, certainly the bigger, fatter, heavier kid would be able to take on the shorter and smaller bully. But, they didn’t. Why not?

I think nowadays, despite what you see in these fake movies, bowling is not predicated on physical size or dominance, but rather, some sort of coolness clout? Like who is richer, who comes from crater social privilege etc.

For example, in high school, the really cool brand was Ecko– they were really expensive, I think a T-shirt was about 35 $40, and a hoodie was almost maybe 70 or $80! No way in hell I could afford that. 

So anyways, it seems that modern day times, masculinity is measured by dollars. He who has more money is considered more masculine and more dominant. 

The body as the ultimate toy?

This is where weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding is a little bit productive; it posits that the body, the human body is the ultimate thing of admiration and worth.

But obviously the number one issue is taking steroids, injections, weird hormonal things testosterone etc.

But, detaching yourself from nonsensical supplements, steroids, whether they be “natural, or not… The body is the ultimate toy, the ultimate tool and instrument. 

“Life without music would be a mistake” – Nietzsche 

The human body could be seen as music, a musical instrument and dance. In fact, to dance in public, or to dance in front of other people might be wanting the most courageous things that one could do. 

Pet peeves?

I don’t like making eye contact with emasculated, emasculated, low testosterone men.

If anything I wonder… man with low testosterone, or with no masculinity… is he even a man anymore? 

Perhaps I am the great hater and tyrant?

Sometimes, I have this moral indignation that somehow I’m the good guy, and that whenever I treat people nicely and they do not reciprocate, it infuriates me. But maybe a more productive way to think about this is that actually impact, I am the bad guy, I’m the tyrant, I’m the asshole, and I act… Maybe I should delight in being the bully or the bad guy?

The notion of the bull, bully it literally comes from the notion of bull, typically seen as the strongest, the most dominant animal with the most strength. Even Lamborghini, what is the logo and emblem? The raging bull. 

Become more bull-like 

Also in regards to finances, maybe a simple fitness soft shift is that we should only be long or bullshit about certain things, instead of being bearish, or shorting things.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong about shortselling, I think it is another market dynamic which makes the market work. There needs to be short sellers, and also sellers, or buyers and sellers, some people who are bullish and optimistic about things, and other individuals who are bearish or pessimistic about things.

But maybe in terms of philosophy, a good idea is to become more like a bull — insane, extreme optimism!

What else?

The mass and the strength and the power and ferocity of the bull? 

“I’m a bull just like the hometown!” – Ye

Why is it that Michael Jordan, the Chicago Bulls, the Bulls will always be number one in history?

First, the colors. I think the color red is and will always be the most dominant color. For example, when it comes to looking at traffic lights, what is the most important color? Red. They call it a stoplight, not a “go” light.  Also, there’s a reason why really really important critical things are in red, stop signs, the color of blood, firetrucks, etc.

Also, if you think about this long-term, apparently the Apex outfit or dress for anybody to wear is all red. For example the woman with the beautiful red dress, or even better yet in modern day times, if I ever buy a new tuxedo or outfit, I will want an all red blood red tuxedo. Or think about the infamous red leather jacket of Tyler Durden and Brad Pitt fight club.

This is also why Ferrari will always be superior to Lamborghinis, because the official color of a Ferrari is red, whereas Lamborghini is yellow. Yellow is good, and also very attractive, but red is better. 

Ultra red

Sometimes I think I spend a lot of time thinking about nonsense, superficial things, but ultimately, I think this all matters.

For example, cars. What is the best car color? The new Tesla ultra red is phenomenal. If you see in real life, on the new Tesla model three, or even the Tesla model S plaid, ultra red is the most attractive, brilliant and beautiful color.

How to Live a Better Life 

People have the wrong thought and assumption that somehow… having more money will make them live a “more” better life. This is not the case.

Here this is where critical thinking, physiology, practical thinking comes into play. I think if your true goal is to live a better life, you gotta think about physiology, environment, life in general, not money. 

The sun?

Probably the greatest realization and discovery that me Cindy and Seneca had recently was the discovery of the California science center, taking the metro, and being able to access it all simply while jumping on the metro, not having to drive at all. The reason why this is such a big deal is that Truth be told, this life workflow has brought 1 million extra joy to my life.


First, there is all this talk about cities of the future etc., and the truth is taking the metro, will indeed provide you with a “better” life.

How and why? 

First, contrary to the traditional antisocial behavior modernist line of thinking, the truth is people are actually much happier when they are kind of surrounded by people, or at least adjacent to other people.

For example, when you’re on the metro, being able to just be surrounded by other human bodies is actually strangely comforting, fun, and even the last few times that we have all taken the metro together, we had discovered some really cool people! Small talk, meeting new folks has been extremely uplifting.

Second, physiology. Thought to myself; we know that is bad, and that is good… I thought of this invention of a standing car. We have standing desks, walking treadmill desks, why not the equivalent for transportation?

Surprisingly, it exists! The metro!

When you’re riding a metro, you could be straight up, and even walk around the cabin. The reason why this is so useful is that your physiology has improved by 1 billion x.

Also, thinking about your kids; kids love the metro! Actually which is funny; adults, we all dream about owning a certain type of car, but, kids don’t really care about ownership; they care more about experiences.

For example, the first time we jumped on the metro from the Culver City station, it was probably the most joy I’ve ever seen in Seneca’s face and his life.

Why? When we are walking around the metro, he always sees the metro going around, but I don’t think he actually really knew you could actually go on it. And once he is on it, it is so exciting and fun!

First, it is actually really really fast. A lot faster than driving, even if there is no traffic, which is an impossible in Los Angeles, even on Saturdays and Sundays.

Second, you get a really really cool elevated view of Los Angeles. I find it actually really exciting to jump on the metro, because what we have going for us in Los Angeles, is that our metro is above ground, which means that we are not trapped underground like the mold people in New York City. I think the reason why people don’t like the metro in New York City is that you have to go underground, in Los Angeles, it is all above ground, which means that you get lots of natural light, and great view of the city.

what is the purpose of human beings?

I think this is the question which has pled flossers for thousands of years. The truth is that we are here, this is a fact. Now what?

A lot of these loser existential philosophers wonder, why are we here? 

I believe that this line of thinking is a waste of time. Much more productive to consider, now that we are here, what should I do with my life?

I think most people approach life the following way:

How do I progress through life with a minimal amount of pain, sorrow, and suffering… and maximize my base pleasures? 

For example, people do the pain in the sorrow of modern day living with painkillers, antidepressants, marijuana, television and media, music, podcast, going to festivals, going to burning man, psychedelics, alcohol, drugs etc. Modern day soma. 


First, the simple thought is in regards to transit, getting around, tried to figure out whether you could do it all while standing, or walking, etc.

Even my critique about riding a bicycle is that it forces you to sit. Anything which forces you to sit is bad. 

Second, think the sun. I watched this insanely inspiring IMAX film at the California science center with Santa and Cindy, called deep space, and the general thought about it was that the sun was the epicenter of all life at least in our galaxy.

And then the turbo thought I had:

Think Heat.

We also saw the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit, and he attempted to create a perpetual machine, but as we all know, it is impossible and it doesn’t work and it feels because much of motion is actually lost to heat.

Which made me think, is motion, power, life, just heat?

Even one of the easiest modern day ways to make your life better is to crank up the heat! I find that people have this foolish optimization in life in which they subject themselves to terrible cold in order to “save money”. But don’t these fools realize that converting your money into heat, for your home is probably the wisest trade?

Therefore, ways to heat up your life include creaking up the heat at your house, doing hot yoga, or investing in insulation for your home, or just wearing insulated clothes. For example set up buying a new BMW or Tesla, just buy a brandnew Canada goose jacket! 


The difficulty with prices is that it is all framing.

For example, the big issue with apps, digital things that nobody wants to pay money for an app. Or a game. Because it is digital, we all think and hope and wish that it should be free. Why? The reproduction of digital things are technically free, but The big issue here is that the cost of production and maintenance is high. As a consequence, nobody likes to pay for digital things.

This is here where the subscription model has become interesting; I think people are actually more willing to pay for a subscription than to actually pay for a digital good.

The halving!

The bitcoin halving is happening very very soon, on April 20. Don’t be left behind.

Finance thoughts?

What is it that people in Los Angeles, the Bay Area, California, or whatever like to complain about or comment on? The cost of living.

For example, rent, rent prices, as well as buying a house, homeownership, single-family homes, condos etc.

As of now, I still think it is wiser to rent a more expensive place in an insanely desirable neighborhood, with the ultimate 100% walk ability score, then on a home, even a very good home in a non-walkable area.

Why in terms of your personal happiness, walking is insanely positive for your happiness. The more you walk the happier you will be.


Grass fed beef, grass fed ground beef, they sell them at Costco for really cheap! Get the grass fed ground beef patties, in the frozen owl at Costco. Probably the best deal on the planet. Why breast fed beef? From a practical perspective, naturally cattle consume grass, not corn. Therefore, the real thought is if you consume cattle that was naturally fed grass, as nature intended it, shouldn’t it have superior nutrition, which will better nurse issue in terms of your overall health, well-being, how will you sleep, your energy levels etc.? Don’t be like one of these foolish people “calories “, consuming 2000 cal of Twinkies is different than consuming calories of ribeye steak or bone marrow.


True science is critical thinking and first principles thinking.

For example, a true scientist is not foolish enough to believe calories in calories out, the insanely foolish idea that somehow the average human being “burns” 2000 cal a day, and if one keeps their calorie consumption to below 2000 a day, somehow he or she will not get fat.

The reason why most scientists are foolish is that they think scaler, numbers in numbers out, rather than dynamics.

The truth about that, getting fat, pudding on post fat tissue is it has to deal more with hormones, insulin levels, sugar and starches then it does with calories.

Also, I think the whole thing about protein overblown. I think actually, if you’re true goal is to put on muscle mass, and to become more muscular and dominant, the true goal is actually cons more dietary cholesterol, and beef liver, organ meats, etc.

 For example, loser Bill Gates is trying to get all of us to eat less meat, to consume more of a “plant based” diet“. But let us consider what he looks like, just google it, Google images what Elon Musk tweeted “the quickest way to kill your Boner”– (picture Bill Gates, with his obese morbidly obese stomach jutting out. )


What is my definition of maternity, or the modern day man?

Somebody who trades his or her health for money and productivity. 

For example, anybody who sacrifices their sleep in order to finish their work relay tasks, or to be more productive, is a slave to this system.

My very very very simple suggestion is when you get home after work, or when the sun goes down or whatever, turn off your devices 100%. Turn off your phone, all the way off, turn off the iPad etc.

Instead, the best way to wind down in the evening is take a really really hot bath, or take a really really hot shower, read a book or whatever. Try to hit a new meat PR, a new meat personal record, how many pounds of grass fed ground beef can you consume in one sitting? 

Media is toxic

I’ve also found that one should have a strict cut off time for consuming media. My funny thought is actually the best time to consume me any sort of media, watching a movie or Netflix is actually first thing in the morning. Why? Media is insanely stimulating, and will disturb your sleep, Because a lot of these plot lines in these shows and boobies keep your brain running even late at night.

If you want to watch a movie or show, do it while drinking or consuming your morning coffee.

Anti screens?

The other day Cindy Seneca and I visited the Tesla store in Santa Monica, and some thing I never realized:

Looking at the touchscreen LCD display in a Tesla at nighttime really hurts your eyes.

That alone made me think, because sensitive to light, never buy a Tesla. 

Even one surprising thing that I personally love about my 2010 Prius is that there is no glaring LCD screens. And also you could easily turn off the display if you want to. I am a tech whiz, but I couldn’t intuitively figure out how to dim the screen of the Tesla LCD screen; Not good.

iPad is bad for kids?

Send because now three years, one month old, and I am actually very very happy that ever since he was born, he has never watched YouTube, any of these dumb shows or whatever. As a consequence, he is not subjected to any media.

The only apps I consider good for the iPhone or the iPad is GarageBand, switch playgrounds on the iPad, and more recently, I’m a big fan of the poly bridge 2 app; Seneca loves the physics. 

However ultimately, at times I’m considering just throwing away my iPad Pro in the trash. Why? Even when he is doing something “educational”, like learning about physics on the iPad, he is static and still, and actually a big problem about kids on an iPad is when they are so focused on it, they will often pee in their pants, they forget their bodily controls.

Airport, my suggestion is if you’re going to be a new parent or whatever, the simple thoughts:

  1. Never buy your kid an iPad, a stupid Amazon tablet, whatever.
  2. on your iPhone, never install the YouTube app, uninstalled it immediately. It is like giving your kid heroin.
  3. On the iPhone, the only app you should let them play with is GarageBand.

The real world

At the age of 36, looking back at my childhood, my only regrets is how much time I wasted watching TV, and playing video games. The truth is only reason why I played so many video games to watch so much TV was that my mom was at work all day, and my dead dad was just watching TV all day, so I had no parental supervision, overseeing, Nobody to guide me in real life.

As a consequence, my number one tip is the best way to be a good parent is when you’re with your cat at the park, turn your phone all the way off, and just lock it in the glove compartment before you go out to play. Or when you’re at home, once again turn your phone all the way off.

One idea I am actually very committed to is I will never buy Seneca an iPhone, not even in high school. If you ever wants one, I’ll just tell him to get a job and buy one himself.

Maybe if he somehow doesn’t need a phone down the line, I will buy him a phone. Or just try to schedule in such a way that he doesn’t need a phone.

The future is physical

 whenever Seneca plays well at the park, is running around good, going on hikes with me etc.… I feel overjoyed. The days I feel bad is when it is raining outside, and we can’t go out.

Ultimate privilege of any child or human being or adult is the privilege of being physical. The privilege of walking 30,000 steps a day, the privilege of interacting in the real world. Let us think, if you’re real life was an RPG, would you want to be stuck in your apartment all day, or conquering the real world?