The Philosophy of Bitcoin

The general idea … anti fiat currency; the idea that true currency needs a hard cap. Hard cap of 21 million coins.

Why does this matter? The US government and FED can essentially print unlimited money; my belief a lot of inflation is triggered by when during COVID, too much “free money” was circulated into the system.

Digital gold

Is bitcoin “digital gold”? I think so.

Consider real gold … you don’t ever really touch it or use it. And there seems to be a hard cap.

Why does bitcoin matter?

I think it’s just a really fascinating concept … insanely innovative, sexy and interesting.

The icon?

Simply put I think Bitcoin is the best because the icon is orange. A very simple idea — the Bitcoin icon pops super hard compared to all of the other random coins and crypto assets.

The future?

BRC-20, ERC-20; wrapping Bitcoin with other assets and the blockchain… transforming Bitcoin into a viable NFT option.

Why does it all matter?

Philosophically speaking … it makes me ponder and meditate the notion of wealth, money etc. That all this money stuff is simply smoke and mirrors.

My interest in Bitcoin?

Via ChatGPT:

Eric Kim, known for his work in photography, has also shown a notable interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. His involvement and thoughts on this topic are reflected in various ways:

  1. Personal Investment and Trading: Kim shared his experiences with Bitcoin investment and trading. He mentioned re-entering the Bitcoin market when its price dropped from $50,000 to $35,000 and then riding it back up to $50,000 oai_citation:1,How I Made Money with Crypto – ERIC KIM – EK.
  2. Philosophical Perspective: He has discussed the broader implications of cryptocurrency and its potential future impact. For example, he has speculated about the future of global currencies and the role of military power in their dominance, suggesting a deep interest in the geopolitical and economic aspects of cryptocurrency oai_citation:2,Why I Bought More Bitcoin (Again) – EK – ERIC KIM PHOTOGRAPHY.
  3. Cryptocurrency Advocacy: Kim has expressed a strong belief in the longevity and importance of Bitcoin, predicting that it will be the “last crypto standing.” This shows his advocacy for Bitcoin and his confidence in its future oai_citation:3,Crypto – ERIC KIM – EK.
  4. Reflection on Wealth and Cryptocurrency: He has also pondered the broader implications of wealth accumulation through cryptocurrency, questioning what comes after achieving financial success in this arena oai_citation:4,Once You Become a Crypto Billionaire, Then What? – ERIC KIM.
  5. Professional Intersection with Photography: Kim has explored the intersection of cryptocurrency and photography, discussing why he believes digital currencies like Bitcoin and Digibyte are the future for photographers in the digital economy oai_citation:5,BITCOIN AND CRYPTOCURRENCY FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS – ERIC KIM – Podtail.

Through these various avenues, it’s evident that Eric Kim’s interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency goes beyond mere financial investment. He integrates this interest with his professional field, reflects on its broader societal implications, and engages with the philosophical aspects of this innovative technology.

Bitcoin hard cap

Bitcoin’s hard cap is set at 21 million coins. This limit is an integral part of its design and philosophy, reflecting a commitment to scarcity and anti-inflationary principles. Unlike fiat currencies, which can be printed in unlimited quantities by governments, Bitcoin’s finite supply resembles gold and other precious metals. This limit is expected to be reached around the year 2140. The hard cap is also seen as a way to mimic the diminishing returns of mining precious resources, with the rewards for mining new blocks halving approximately every four years, in events known as “halvings.” This scarcity principle has been a key factor in Bitcoin’s narrative and value proposition as “digital gold.”

The Future of Photography and AI

What is the future of photography and AI? The question at hand.

First, my personal creative vision is that the future of AI and photography should be a hybrid of using AI to actually motivate you to be more creative. No no no, AI is not going to “take your job“, or “take over the world“. is going to take your job? Is Google search going to take your job? No.

What is AI good for?

AI, ChatGPT, DALL-E, DALL-E 3 is like a personal echo chamber; you could use it to flesh out your ideas, to think more critically, and just ask yourself the question… why?

My first take and attempt at creating my own artificial intelligence chat bot was the WHY APP? Essentially the idea was motivated by the notion; if you just ask yourself the question “why?” five times… you gain a deeper truth or insight about something.

The difference between human feedback and machine feedback is all about human feedback. You upload a photo, and you randomly get a real human being giving you feedback on your photos, in a constructive and critical way.

My next vision is to integrate AI into it; which means you upload a photo to the AI, and then it could give you some sort of interesting critical feedback on your photos.

What you could do right now is subscribe to ChatGPT plus, only 20 bucks a month, and upload a photo to it, and ask it for feedback on your photos, how you can improve etc. Some of the feedback is interesting… it makes you think more.

AI as a mirror

AI is a mirror. A white mirror.

AI can only think as deeply as you do; there’s no real right or wrong here. Typically the questions you ask it is simply a reflection of what you’re personally interested in.

Also with DALL-E, DALL-E 3… the name of the game is how funny and aberrant are your ideas?

Creative ideas

Once you got the paid ChatGPT subscription, you can upload up to three or four images, and then just ask ChatGPT to help you choose your best photo.

AI can help you give photography tips. For example, ask ERIC KIM BOT, or ERIC KIM AI for photography tips, photography assignment ideas, street photography tips etc. It is very smart because what it essentially does is just scrape my blog, and gives you interesting ideas in a conversational way.

The integration between camera and AI

Rather than upgrading your iPhone, just use the iPhone you already got, and pay for the ChatGPT subscription, and finally… your smartphone actually becomes smart.

For example what you could do is open up the ChatGPT app, click the camera icon, take a photo of something, and help you analyze the scene. Also, you could even take a photo of a collage that you’ve made in real life and ask it to analyze the image. Recently Cindy and I printed out a bunch of photos, and framed them nicely, and I’ve been having fun asking it to analyze the collages and making sense of it.


Is AI art “real“ art? Of course! The better question is whether you like the photo and the image or not.

What is art? Art is anything that you create. Art can be manifested however you interpret it.

My thought is now with AI, and it being so easy to generate images… What is more critical is actually your ability to filter. The art of choosing your favorite photos is a really important thing here.

Why photographers should use DALL-E

DALL-E is the specific component of ChatGPT which creates images from scratch, purely based on your own imagination.

It is phenomenal. For example, once you subscribe to the Chi PT plus, open up DALL-E on the sidebar, and things you could ask it to design you:

  1. Bitcoin babe driving a Lamborghini Countach in ancient Sparta
  2. Peter Pan with samurai sword in zombie apocalypse
  3. Spartan stoic philosopher lifting bitcoin weights
  4. Beautiful Korean woman at Met Gala in bitcoin dress

DALL-E truly becomes magical the more ridiculous and ostentatious you make it. Make it as ridiculous silly and random as possible; the more ridiculous, the better.

Where should I post all of my images?

Your own blog. and or

Why? The reason is you’re going to create lots of AI generated images and artwork, and also your photos.

I like the idea of artistic and creative double dipping; the idea is that now that you’re a visual artist, you’re not constrained to just one medium. It is not mutually exclusive; you could do both! You could shoot photos and make AI art!

Make yourself laugh

Cindy has been enjoying watching me how much fun I have been having with ChatGPT and DALL-E. For example a recent thing that I did which made me laugh out loud was asking DALLE to make me a hardcore Spartan image, and then I keep asking it “more muscular”. There is a certain point in which it becomes hilarious and I laugh out loud where the limits of muscularity just become preposterous. It makes the incredible Hulk look like a twig.

Content moderation

One good thing that ChatGPT has integrated is the notion of content policies to prevent bad behavior. The fun thing to do is actually see how you could work around it; rather than asking DALL-E to make you a picture of a “sexy Korean girl“, which it will refuse… use the word “babe” instead, and instead of calling it “sexy”, you can say “beautiful” or “gorgeous”.

The word babe is funny… I got the word from Calvin and Hobbes, because Hobbes was always so fascinated by the babes.

So I think the real fun thing about ChatGPT is actually finding creative ways to subvert the content moderation policies. See how far you could push it and nudge it.

Brave New World of AI

I made a ChatGPT bot called “Bitcoin Babe”. My personal creative vision was in the spirit of fun; how you could use an AI chat but to help you be more zen, stoic, and calm about crypto… given how volatile it is.

For example, I never checked the price of bitcoin or any of my crypto acids. I only ever know the price if I stumble upon it on accident, if it is in the headlines of a newspaper, on the television at airports, in magazines at the airport etc. I never seek it out.

Why, why not and why am I glad that I didn’t do this? Because I know myself and how sensitive I am… I used to actually daytrade when I was in college as a sophomore, and I realize that I was too emotional. Essentially what I did was I thought a long time about my decision, went 100% into bitcoin, and I just never looked at it or touched it, did other stuff instead. The hilarious thing is that I actually avoided and I actually didn’t even know about the whole FTX meltdown and the Sam Bankman-Fried guy. And I’m glad that I intentionally made myself ignorant of all the modern day news… Bitcoin is bouncing back, and since the last time I bought more bitcoin for the third time, everything is totally in the green.

But anyways, I think 99% of crypto, cryptocurrency speculation is all about having a zen and stoic mindset. Essentially not to let emotions perturb you.

I specifically programmed Bitcoin Babe in such a way that it tries to help you think more critically about things, and not get suckered by hype.

Also, ZEN OF ERIC and also ERIC KIM BOT— zen of ERIC is all about stoicism and philosophy, and ERIC KIM bot is all about photography.

No more Google

I am starting to think that Google is the bad guy; this whole system we got which is predicated on advertising is a positively bad one. Why? The more sensational and crazy the news, the more advertisements get viewed or clicked on. As a consequence, the nature of the news and media is becoming too outlandish.

Also my critical analysis is that a lot of this stuff on racism, race riots, anti-Jewish sentiment etc.… the real bad guy here is Google and Facebook. Why? Google which owns YouTube, makes money off of these hot button topics. Not only that but Facebook owns Instagram, and once again… the more sexual, overt, and loud something is… the more attention and advertising money is made.

Actually one thing that made me very anti-Instagram… I don’t even have a daughter but I’m starting to realize… When I watched the Kanye West interview on info wars, Kanye West commenting that Instagram is essentially like pornography; a lot of these “fitness influencers”, or women… are essentially selling their bodies for attention and money.

But now that ChatGPT and DALLE can make you your own beautiful women, photo realistic, all which are virtual… There is really no more need for these models or “influencers“.

Short Google and Facebook/Meta/Instagram.

Now what?

The other days when I was at Philz coffee, I saw a guy order a croissant and a coffee and spend $17 on it. Do yourself a favor and just buy the ChatGPT premium subscription, and spend the best $20 of your life.

Play with it, have fun, create your own ChatGPT bots, and also, see how far you can push it.

Think with EK



HAPTIC TOOLS — create your own visual jewels!

Bitcoin for Kids

Haha omg.

Sure, imagine you have a special kind of money that you can only use on computers and the internet, called Bitcoin. Unlike the money you use to buy toys and snacks, you can’t touch Bitcoin because it’s digital, just like the games you play on a phone or computer.

Now, imagine you have a piggy bank at home where you keep your coins and notes. In the world of Bitcoin, you have a digital piggy bank called a ‘wallet’. You can’t see this wallet because it’s on the internet, but it’s where your Bitcoins are kept safe.

When you want to buy something with Bitcoin, you don’t hand over cash or swipe a card. Instead, you send Bitcoins from your digital wallet to someone else’s wallet on the computer. It’s like sending an email, but instead of sending a message, you’re sending money.

And just like your secret diary that has a lock, your Bitcoin wallet has a very special key, called a ‘password’, to make sure only you can open it and no one else can take your Bitcoins.

One last thing, just like how you and your friends might trade toys, people can trade Bitcoins too. The price can go up and down, like when some toys become really popular or not so popular anymore. That’s why grown-ups sometimes talk a lot about Bitcoin!

Explain bitcoin like I’m 5 years old

Haha so good:

Okay! Imagine you have a special kind of money called Bitcoin. But unlike the coins and notes you see, you can’t touch Bitcoin because it’s like invisible, magic money that lives in computers and the internet.

Think of Bitcoin like the gold stars you get in school. You can’t hold these stars in your hand, but you know how many you have, and they’re special. Just like those stars, people can send and receive Bitcoins on their computers.

Now, you know how you keep your toys in a toybox? For Bitcoin, there’s a special digital toybox called a ‘wallet’. It’s not a real wallet you can hold, but it’s a safe place on the internet where you keep your Bitcoins so they don’t get lost.

When someone wants to send or receive Bitcoins, it’s like sending secret, magic letters over the internet. Only the person with the right magic word (which is like a super-secret password) can open their wallet and see their Bitcoins.

And just like when you trade toys with your friends, people can trade Bitcoins with each other. Sometimes, more people want Bitcoins, and sometimes less, which makes it kind of like a game where the number of gold stars you need to trade for a toy can change. That’s what makes Bitcoin seem so exciting to grown-ups!

Like I’m 3 years old

Okay! Imagine Bitcoin is like invisible, magic internet money. You can’t hold it in your hands like toys or cookies, but you can use it to buy things on the computer. It’s stored in a special magic internet box that only you can open with a secret word, like a magic spell. Just like in a game, people can exchange this invisible money, but you can’t see it or touch it, it’s just for computer games for grown-ups! 🌟✨

Like I’m 2 years old

Bitcoin is like invisible play money. You can’t touch it or see it, but it’s there in the computer! Just like pretend play, but for grown-ups on their computers. 🌈💻✨


Eric Kim, known for his work in photography, has also shown a notable interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. His involvement and thoughts on this topic are reflected in various ways:

  1. Personal Investment and Trading: Kim shared his experiences with Bitcoin investment and trading. He mentioned re-entering the Bitcoin market when its price dropped from $50,000 to $35,000 and then riding it back up to $50,000 oai_citation:1,How I Made Money with Crypto – ERIC KIM – EK.
  2. Philosophical Perspective: He has discussed the broader implications of cryptocurrency and its potential future impact. For example, he has speculated about the future of global currencies and the role of military power in their dominance, suggesting a deep interest in the geopolitical and economic aspects of cryptocurrency oai_citation:2,Why I Bought More Bitcoin (Again) – EK – ERIC KIM PHOTOGRAPHY.
  3. Cryptocurrency Advocacy: Kim has expressed a strong belief in the longevity and importance of Bitcoin, predicting that it will be the “last crypto standing.” This shows his advocacy for Bitcoin and his confidence in its future oai_citation:3,Crypto – ERIC KIM – EK.
  4. Reflection on Wealth and Cryptocurrency: He has also pondered the broader implications of wealth accumulation through cryptocurrency, questioning what comes after achieving financial success in this arena oai_citation:4,Once You Become a Crypto Billionaire, Then What? – ERIC KIM.
  5. Professional Intersection with Photography: Kim has explored the intersection of cryptocurrency and photography, discussing why he believes digital currencies like Bitcoin and Digibyte are the future for photographers in the digital economy oai_citation:5,BITCOIN AND CRYPTOCURRENCY FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS – ERIC KIM – Podtail.

Through these various avenues, it’s evident that Eric Kim’s interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency goes beyond mere financial investment. He integrates this interest with his professional field, reflects on its broader societal implications, and engages with the philosophical aspects of this innovative technology.


Obviously we are not living in a simulation, but if you think about the MATRIX, one of the most interesting things to consider is the interesting metaphor towards life.

First, I think everyone is running on the same social scripts. As a consequence, people just tend to be very boring. I’ve actually found that the reason why most people are so boring is that they either lack exposure, or courage.

Second, we are conditioned by fear. Lot of what holds us back is fear; and also ethics.

Even one thing I was considering, why is it that sex, erotic matters, nudity etc.… is seen as so bad, taboo and evil? Technically if we can go from purely biologic perspective, it doesn’t really matter. Do we shame animals for being naked all the time or doing it in public, not really.

Or horses; let us consider stallions in heat, and their behavior.

I think when I consider my behavior, my thinking and worldview, being raised Catholic, Roman Catholic, and also being born and raised in America, notions of Catholic guilt, and also Confucian guilt… and also Korean Korean American culture… not the most open-minded worldview.

I am very happy fortunate and blessed that my mom was very contrarian, very unorthodox, even for being a Korean mom. I would definitely say her ethos was very unique; very independent, solo, self-reliant etc.

In fact, how did I become who I am? I think 90% of it was the socialization of my mom. She is the one who taught me social skills and not to fear people. Funny enough, sometimes she is too naïve to a fault; but ultimately I would prefer my mom— better to be happy joyful and naïve than to be like a scarecrow, overly suspicious and cold towards the world.

“Better to be a gay monster than a sentimental bore.” – Galiani


First, become more loud ostentatious, more “ratchet“. Be the big swinging dick (Michael Lewis, Flash Boys).

Second, throw politically correct vocabulary into the trash, and be maximally suspicious of any “woke” talk. My heuristic:

“Don’t trust any woke people who toke!”

Haha. Toke means smoke weed.

Also, the critical of anybody who has too strong of a political affiliation to any side, spends too much time on Facebook and social media etc. Anybody who consumes media, or gossip, has un-unique thinking. Ultimately my thoughts about people and thoughts is simple; there are interesting people and boring people. No good or bad people. In fact, most good people are insanely boring. A lot of bad people also tend to be boring.

Just be the real life troll

Trolling on the internet is bad. However I think trolling in real life is good.

After becoming a ChatGPT master, I’m starting to understand that we should literally put 0% faith of anything we see or read on the Internet. Why? It is truly impossible to tell whether something was written by ChatGPT or not, or if the original text was written by ChatGPT, and then a human just edited it afterwards.

For example for fun, I made two ChatGPT bots, in the spirit of ERIC KIM. It is actually both hilarious and scary how good they are —

  1. Stoic philosophy: ZEN OF ERIC
  2. Photography: ERIC KIM BOT](

How do you troll people in real life? Joke around, laugh, have fun, talk like a seven-year-old or five-year-old child, never give people a straight answer. Lie about funny things in a playful gist.

For example, a lot of people try to be friendly by asking me how old Seneca is. Sometimes I will joke and say “He is six months old!” (He is 2 years, 9 months old). Some people become shocked and their eyes go really wide, and then I just joke that he is on steroids.

Also, everybody loves a good compliment. Doesn’t matter if man or women etc. I love people, and so whenever I see people having a certain outfit or look that I like, I always try to make it a point to compliment them.

Just try this out as an experiment: for a whole day: whenever you see somebody that you like, compliment them. Compliment their hair their outfit their look etc. Or inquire about their outfit, where they got it, etc.

Second, throw your AirPods and airbuds pros into the trash. I think one of the most terrible things for modern day society, which atrophies our social skills is everyone always having AirPods on. Real men don’t use headphones or AirPods or whatever. If you’re going to listen to music, use a Bluetooth speaker or play it off your phone speaker and blast it like a person from the hood.

In fact, I’m starting to hypothesize that in fact, it might be music, Spotify, and noise canceling headphones which is the driving cause to have people become more antisocial. Not phones and social media, the headphones.

Also as an experiment, the next time you go to the gym and lift weights, do it without any music or headphones on. You will actually benefit by naturally trying to block out all the annoying elevator music, and annoying chitchat of other people. Ultimately it makes you more interesting to NOT wear headphones than to wear them.

Also, how do you know if somebody is actually really interesting or not? When you go to the gym, filter people into two categories:

People who work out without headphones, and people who do.

I only trust people who work out without headphones on.

Other assignments

  1. Street portrait assignment: start a street portrait project in which you’re just trying to capture interesting faces of people in your own city or locale. You can complement people by telling them that they have a beautiful face, or great skin, or if they’re older… You could tell them that they have an elegant face and look. PDF
  2. If people ask you what you’re doing, say that you’re starting a personal photography project of the people of the city, and you consider them as integral to your project.
  3. Download some ERIC KIM books, or attend an ERIC KIM workshop.

Now what?

The sun is out, the sun is bright! Your future awaits you.

And also, when in doubt, smile.


Some more turbo thoughts:


First, unshackle yourself from superficial ethics, morality, uncritical religious edicts, etc.

The more I think about it… honestly all these modern day “ethics”, “rules”, are bad.

Especially in America, which is a strange chimera of thinking.

Why do people try to superimpose how we should or how we should not live our lives?

For example, when we think and consider the difference between shared, co-living spaces and places, versus communal things, versus the common.

For example, let us say that I am living with you, and you prefer things a certain way, and I prefer things a certain way. Who should have the ultimate say?

A simple heuristic: If I am by myself, you should not intrude on my space and do things differently, tell me what to do or what not to do.

Second, if we are sharing the space and you prefer things a certain way, and your request seems reasonable enough, I will acquiesce to you, and I will simply leave the space.

I think the big issue is when we try to superimpose our will upon others.

For example, let us say that I love to eat meat. That I am 100%, unabashed carnivore. That it is against my beliefs to eat vegetables or plants or fruit or grains or anything which reeks of a “plant-based diet“. Funny enough, nowadays it is 100% fine to show up to a party and tell people that “I don’t eat meat“, and low-key expect to be served vegetarian or vegan food… but it isn’t mainstream to show up to a party saying “I don’t eat vegetables“, and low-key expect to be fed meat.

Also, I kind of get the low-key feeling that a lot of vegetarians or zealous vegans are trying to get everyone to stop eating meat, to become like them, become vegan etc. That they try to guilt or shame meat eaters like myself that what we do is bad evil and is “bad for the planet“.

However, I haven’t really seen the opposite; when I shame a vegan for being cruel to immigrant farm workers who have to pick almonds all day, and how almonds, their almond butter, their cashews, cashew nut butters etc. is “bad for the planet“, because of how water hungry these plants are.

Why don’t we just leave other people alone?

For example, I think one thing I have discovered about myself is that I am a little bit of a tyrant. I attribute this to my upbringing; I was the oldest son of the oldest son of the oldest son, and as a consequence, being raised, I was treated like the king. Whenever I would go to my grandma, she would always acquiesce to my needs and desires and shower me with endless praise, brag about how handsome and successful I was in front of all of her friends, etc.

King’s Disease

So the big issue that I have is that myself, I see myself as king, emperor, and I expect other people to treat me a certain way. I expect and demand and find a critical that other people greet me, when I enter, when I leave, and to treat me with High respect and royalty. When they do not do this, it infumes my anger.

But the biggest issue is that you cannot force other people to treat you a certain way, or to greet you a certain way. For example, if I show up, I cannot demand other people to address me a certain way, or to greet me, etc. Similarly speaking, When I leave, I cannot demand other people say goodbye to me or greet me goodbye. That is tyranny.

This is where I think modern day stuff is little bit bad; you cannot force me to talk to you a certain way, to greet you a certain way, to address you a certain way, etc. If you don’t like the way I talk to you or about you… You just walk away or don’t interact with me. Doesn’t this make more sense?

Who tells us what to do what not to do?

First and foremost, who was Confucius? Essentially he was a petty governmental official, and I believe it was later the scholar bureaucrat Mencius who codified his belief system, just kind of like how Paul did for Jesus… and they create this new pseudo, strange, hydra of a world view and order.

For example, Confucianism, the state mandarin examinations, and all of these pseudo religious rules that Confucius put forth, like philial piety, respect for elders, etc.… The main purpose was a form of social control and order and harmony. It was a useful tool for the king emperor or the aristocracy to keep the commoners in check.

Similarly speaking, St. Paul, was a very strange case. Just read about him from Nietzsche and his book “The Antichrist”. The general gist is that Saint Paul was a tormented soul, and he was seeking salvation somewhere else. He discovered Jesus, the teachings of Jesus, and bastardized them in a strange, miss mashed way. He almost escaped coated Jesus for his own downings and faults, and could not come to ends why things happened a certain way they did.

The chosen people

A concept I came upon recently, which is very interesting and fascinating to me, is this notion of “the chosen people“. I’m curious… is this zero sum? That some people are chosen, and some are not? Are they chosen based on their blood, their lineage, their parents, their family heritage and background, or something else?

And also, if I am chosen, does it mean that you’re not chosen? That, somehow I take up your spot? The notion that in the afterlife, there is only a limited number of spots, let us say 5000 or something, and that only a select number of people are allowed entrance?

You control you

So there are certain things I have learned and observed about life, the world, etc.

First, certainly there are certain people and individuals who are born with a leg up in life. For example, if I was born, and my dad was worth $20 billion, and from a young age I knew that I had a trust fund, which would not be able to be unlocked until I am 65 years old, maybe a part of $100 million… certainly this would change how I live my life.

Also, let us say that I am born and my family is very well-connected. Let us say that my father or mother is a famous Hollywood actor or producer or director… certainly if my passion is cinema film and media, I will also be given better connections and privileges.

But… Does this matter? I don’t think so.

My favorite example is thinking about Jay Z. Would Jay Z have become a Jay Z if he were born to a nice, middle-class family in the suburbs? Highly dubious.

Also, something that I learned is that not always, but often… people entrepreneurs etc. who are born to very difficult childhood situations are the ones who become interesting.

For example, Jeff Bezos, just read his book “invent and wander,” hearing his family story, I think his dad was essentially a Cuban refugee, is insanely fascinating. I think the best thing that Jeff Bezos said, which actually emotionally moved me so much is that when he talks about his father, his “my real father, not my biological one”— it was so beautiful I almost teared up!

Also, read the new Walter Isaacson biography on Elon Musk; I think Elon Musk probably had one of the most traumatic childhood of all time… Somehow those experiences forged him into what he is today.

Same thing with Kanye West; more or less having a single mom, an absentee father, and also, the tragic early passing of his mother Donda… Certainly this shapes your psyche in a certain way.

I don’t wish trauma on nobody

Just because you have suffered more trauma in your life doesn’t make you more virtuous than me, and vice versa. However, I don’t think we should either use it as a crutch nor a motivator… We should just pause it our desired life path, and proceed boldly.

Obstacles are your boost?

Whenever you witness or experience a certain setback, obstacle, “downside“… Think about Mario kart; these “setbacks“ are like your temporary speed boost!

In fact, even though not having things a certain way is insanely annoying, I think this is the root of all innovation. For example, my insane frustration with trying to find a good gym… Essentially resulted in me innovating and doing my funny “off the grid” workouts.

Similar speaking, starting off in photography, 18-19 years old, not being able to find any good information on the Internet on how to do photography and Street photography and composition is actually what motivated my pursuits to create the information I wish to see manifested in the world.


Played around with ChatGPT 4 this morning, and was very impressed. DALL-E 3 is also a great addition.


Why Photographers Still Matter

I’ve observed that ChatGPT as well as DALL-E is very fascinating, and also great for creativity.

However, an interesting nuance I have discovered:

The images that they could produce however, is still limited to illustrations, vector images, drawings and paintings etc. It cannot yet make a realistic looking photograph.

I think there is something very very beautiful about the photographs, why? Capturing a moment in time I think is our great joy. Also some simple pragmatics include the ease of printing out photos, and being able to mount them on your wall or inside a frame, something that does not require batteries, charging, LCD screens etc.

The best way to think about AI is that it is essentially like Siri

All of this nonsensical talk of artificial intelligence going to take our jobs in our creativity is silly. Why? The reason people like to do art is because it is fun!

A simple thought is I don’t really think that artist should chase making money, instead, we should do it for autotelic purposes, fulfilling some sort of inner joy in ourselves!

I think the only real reason why people seek to make money through their artwork or photographs is because they are seeking some sort of external validation and legitimacy to what they do. However, this is not a wise path because it means that you are a slave to the nod of others.

How should we think about AI?

The best way to think about AI, open AI, ChatGPT etc. is that it is a complement to us, and an augmentation of us, rather than a replacement.

If AI can give us a creative nudge, it is good!

I’ve also discovered the upside of AI, technology etc. is that it opens up our minds to certain opportunities would have otherwise not thought of. Exposing or introducing unorthodox thinking to us.

For example, I think it is useful to think of Google Maps as AI. Why? Technically Google maps uses artificial intelligence to map out the quickest path from us to get from point A to point B. I love Google Maps as well because it has taken me down some strange routes, which are actually very interesting. Routes I would have never otherwise discovered or thought of up myself.

For example, in order to avoid traffic on the 5 or 405, Google maps has routed me through some sort of side streets and industrial centers, which are actually visually very interesting for me

Automate the boring stuff

This is very very popular online course on udemy titled “automate the boring stuff”. The basic idea is that perhaps the reason of technology is that it helps us eliminate tedious, time-consuming tasks in our everyday life.

Example, my insane joy with the instant pot as well as the air fryer (chefman). Why? It is like having a cooking slave; to be able to instant pot food insanely quickly and effectively is such a great joy, instead of having to tediously cook it myself and monitor it. Do you remember that old commercial, “set it and forget it?” Yeah that’s good.

Or, my great passion and gratitude towards having an in unit washer and dryer. Can you imagine how tedious it was back in the day having to wash wring and dry it yourself?

What are the tedious things we could cut out of photography?

Photography is great, but I have observed that there are certain tedious things. For example, having to trudge through all of our photographs in order to choose the best one. This is a huge issue, because let us say that you shoot 1000 photos a day. Technically photography is my profession, and even I don’t have enough time to go through and review all my photos in a single day! My simple vision for the next generation of is simple:

Drag and drop, from your iPhone or iPad, or even laptop, quickly drag and drop or select 1000 photos, and ARS BETA AI can help you cool down to your best photo or three photos or 10 photos etc.

Essentially there would be some sort of slider, which would actually enable this to be possible. For example, the slider filter could allow you to cull down to 100 photos, 50 photos, 25 photos etc.

If you can help me build this shoot me an email at

Why AI?

I think by far, the most useful use case of AI would definitely be in regards to tedious driving in stop and go traffic. For example, I think the only reason to get a Tesla isn’t for all of that electric car stuff, but rather, the promise of a car that can use the noise of driving on the 405 or the 10 during rush-hour traffic. Or even tedious stop and go traffic when driving around Los Angeles local.

AI to help with voice dictation?

Perhaps one of the greatest innovations I’ve discovered is being able to use voice dictation on my iPad Pro, without a stupid keyboard, and be able to be out and about and walking around to voice dictate my thoughts into IA WRITER.

Why is this so great?

First, I hate being indoors, I prefer to be out and about, walking in the direct sun. I could do this with my iPad Pro, the 11 inch, currently using the M1 processor.

I’ve noted that the reason why I love the iPad Pro so much is that the voice dictation transcription quality and accuracy is at least 1000 times better than using my iPhone SE. I’m not sure if this has to do with the M-series processor over the A-series processor, or whether maybe the iPad Pro has better microphones.

Irregardless, I think a huge benefit to writers and thinkers is voice dictation, and the AI behind it. I believe that open AI had this new concept called “whisper“, which allows this as well.

For example, everyone seems to suffer from “writers block“, but nobody suffers from “talker’s block”.

Photo ideas

Download the iOS ChatGPT app on either your iPhone or iPad or both, and subscribe to the ChatGPT plus, which cost 20 bucks a month. Once you have done that, adjust the slider to ChatGPT four, and note that in the bottom left corner you could upload photos directly to ChatGPT! Type in and ask ChatGPT what it thinks about your photos, and rate your photos.

Or if you want real human responses, upload your photos to

My new focuses?

Reading the Elon Musk Walter Isaacson biography, many big lessons, one of them being is this; simply predict and anticipate the very critical future concerns.

For example, to me I am very interested in crypto, cryptocurrency and crypto technology, stuff on the Internet and blockchain, as well as AI. Why? It is cool interesting and sexy!

  2. AI

Not only that, but it seems that if you are passionate enough, you don’t gotta pigeonhole yourself into just one thing. Do it all! Isn’t Elon Musk CEO in about seven or eight different companies?

Fitness and food — everywhere I look, and everybody I talk to, it seems that everyone is a little bit clueless about health and nutrition. It is something that I have always been passionate about, ever since I was a fat 12-year-old kid.

I think also the biggest issue is things which bemuddle fitness and health, namely steroids, performance enhancing drugs, “natural“ testosterone boosters, the multi billion dollar supplement industry, protein powder and creatine, pre-workout powder, caffeine and fake sugar supplements which make you fat.

Also, this strange trend towards veganism “plant-based” diets. I think there is too much weird ethics and morality and anti-masculine sentiment behind it all; rather than thinking critically, without all of this prejudice and propaganda from these vegetarian vegan plant-based corporations.

Do you know James Cameron, the guy who made Titanic avatar and funded all of these pro vegan documentaries? Apparently he owns a $1 billion pea protein powder plant somewhere, just follow the money, this is a big financial and media conflict of interest. He is also apparently best friends with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is definitely the most influential fitness person of them all. Let us also not forget that when Arnold what is in his prime, he also admits to taking steroids.

Photo thoughts

I think we should rejoice and be glad that the future of photography is still very bright for us!

For example, I’m currently living in Culver City and it seems that Apple is opening up a bunch new offices here! Also, I always walk by the Apple office on Washington, and they have this very very very cool photo exhibit thing on LCD screens, all these lovely photos shot on iPhone.

Why do people buy iPhones?

People buy iPhones, or have a motivation to upgrade their iPhones primarily for photography. I think the reason why iPhone pro titan is lackluster is that the average person doesn’t really care about weight, or even materials, they simply will only upgrade their iPhone or iPhone Pro because they want a better camera.

Also, take note: ain’t nobody use their iPhone to shoot cinema. Nor does anyone aspire to use their iPhone to shoot cinema. What do we want our iPhones for? To shoot photographs!

Now what?

Street photography is the best photography, street art is the best art. Any more time we can spend on the streets, the better.

I was talking to a guy at the park yesterday, Tony, and he told me a fun fact which may or may not be true; that bear is apparently walk 50 miles a day! It probably isn’t true, it had me thinking; could I walk 50 miles a day if I wanted to?

Also, if you simply walked around all day, 50 miles a day with your camera, certainly you would witness many photo opportunities!

What is the best camera to do this with? Of course you could just use your iPhone, or your Ricoh GR camera, or your Fuji, or your Sony, Leica, LUMIX whatever. I think less than the camera component is the walking factor.

The big reason why it is so critical to be able to walk much and have a light camera and a compact camera is that it will assist you to just walk more! I have your camera discourages you from walking a lot, even recently on my Lumix G9 I bought the Lumix 14 mm F2.5 pancake lens and I love it! It has reduced the weight of my camera by at least 10X, and as a consequence, I just shoot more and explore more.


Happy Halloween!

Photo assignment: this Halloween go out with your camera, and shoot some fun photos with the flash! You can experiment also using the external flash, on camera flash, have fun with the angles and slow shutter speeds. Upload your best photos to

Shoot it at night, and smile and have fun with people, and also offer to send people the photos! When you take a photo of somebody or ask or whatever, just compliment them on their costume!


Happy Haptic!

HAPTIC PROMO — order over $300 USD of HAPTIC PRODUCTS (can include shipping handling taxes costs, as long as the total order cost is over 300 USD), get a FREE ERIC KIM OMAKASE gift bundle from us!

Limited to the first 10 motivated streettogs!


What next?

It seems that ultimate leisure is physical. To me so fascinating because street photography allows us to kill many birds with one stone.

My personal opinion is that street photography may be the most physical form of activity of them all.

Also, the reason why I am also so enthusiastic about street photography is how many birds you can kill with one stone. Let us note how street photography affords us an opportunity to just be out of the house, out in public walking around, as well as opportunity to talk to strangers and other people who interest us, also, visiting and seeing places and traversing new streets and spaces, and also, the great joy of interacting with the real world, embodied reality!

For a lot of these people who like to play video games, Diablo, World of Warcraft, etc.… It seems that ultimate aspiration is to be out and about in public! Isn’t that the whole “open world” concept? Even the new Elden ring game, which Elon Musk is apparently a big fan of, is also all about this open world concept in which you are not relegated to a single place, but rather, have the power and freedom to go anywhere you want!

New futures?

My friend Rinzi Ruiz had a simple adage that I follow:

Follow the light!

Nowadays considering that I prefer to be topless, and walking out and about in public, my greatest passion is to be in the direct sun. With the direct sun I get the greatest amount of energy, power, and hype and motivation. To me the sun is the ultimate stimulant.

It’s still strikes me as bizarre that a lot of people would instead prefer to be indoors, watching some sort of unnatural media without direct exposure to the elements! Isn’t the greatest joy of life to enjoy the sun?

If you’re concerned about skin cancer or whatever, just put on a lot of sunblock, wear a hat and some long sleeves and long pants. I still think it is good to get direct sun exposure.

Also, it seems that the noveau privilege in today’s world is having a full body tan, and also being highly muscular.

What next?

Photography is an infinitely beautiful and complex game, and one of the things I love most about it is our ability to explore.

The best use of our money time and resources I think is to travel, be out in the real world, and also, explore. For example, when I think about all of my world travels, all of these great and phenomenal experiences that had during my time in Japan, Osaka and Tokyo and Kyoto, Vietnam, Saigon and Hanoi, Korea, Seoul Busan, in Dubai, and all around the planet… traveling transform me, uplifted me, and really opened up my mind and my universe. 

Can I still be a productive photographer without traveling?

Of course: I think the big secret is living somewhere which allows for maximum walking. For example, a simple thought; if you walked 50 miles a day, and always had your camera with you, certainly you would witness a lot of food opportunities, wouldn’t you?

A simple life optimization suggestion that I have is it is better to rent in an extremely desirable, pedestrian friendly neighborhood then to own a less desirable neighborhood.



Become you:



  2. April 20th, 2024: SF ZEN PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP (info TBA)
  3. Family street photography workshop in Culver City, Los Angeles: Working on the details, stay posted.

Never stop learning, never stop thinking:

  1. Why App?
  2. Books
  3. Start Here

For the freshest thoughts, what I am thinking right now, always always always the ERIC KIM BLOG >

Other random thoughts

I went to the Peterson automotive museum with Seneca, and we loved it! If you live in Southern California, definitely check it out.

Some car thoughts:



Just went to the Petersen automotive museum, some thoughts:

How I found out about it?

I suppose one of the big upsides of living in LA, Los Angeles, is that there are so many epic and great things here. For example, I was just randomly driving down Fairfax one day from the gym, and I saw this insanely big building, with great curved white stainless steel and red architecture. I was curious what it was and I saw that it was the Peterson automotive museum on Google maps. I thought to myself, maybe one day I could take Sen here.

Pro tip:

When you’re driving and you see something interesting on the road or the freeway etc. and you’re not sure what it is, just take a screenshot of it on your phone, and revisit it later.

Perhaps this is where great architecture makes a great impression; I first I had no idea what the structure was, it was only later when I looked into it that it was actually an automotive museum.



So finally the other day, after Sen took a quick nap in the car, I thought that it might be the best time to take Sen to the museum.

To me, after touring the whole place with Sen, some thoughts:

  1. I suppose the good thing of going to museum was that after seeing all these cars in real life, I no longer feel the desire to own any of them.
  2. The second thought which is useful is to think and consider these cars as art objects. That is, it ain’t cars for the sake of movement or driving, but something else.

Cars and culture, America, and Los Angeles?

Several things. First and foremost, in America, whether we like it or not, we are a car culture. For example let us consider that much of our economic powers and prosperity came from the automotive industry, Ford and GM, etc. Apparently even back in the day if you’re living in Michigan or Detroit and you drove a Toyota or a Japanese car, people would physically assault you or even physically vandalize your car.

How and why do cars matter?

Well first of all, this is tricky; cars are great because they allow you to do basic things like go to Costco, buy groceries, drive to the park which is otherwise too time consuming to traverse by foot, and with public transportation, it seems that if it isn’t convenient enough, people want to take it. Certainly COVID-19 did not help at all.

Is there a public transportation future?

I do not think so. Why? What people don’t seem to understand is that it is not about transportation or mobility, it is a matter of fashion, pride, individualism.

For example, it doesn’t really even matter how rich or poor you are, I think the best way to think about it is that your car or what car you drive is almost like your externalized avatar, your ego, your own self impression of yourself.

For example, I think vanity is fine. Everyone wants to distinguish themselves through what car they drive, what they look like, etc. I think for the most part this is a healthy and good thing. Perhaps the big problem though is ultimately, a car will never show your individualism. Why? if your car is not a custom car, ultimately you will look like someone else.

For example, almost any and every modern day card, unless you drive a very very very obscure car, someone else will have a similar make or model as year. For example, it doesn’t matter whether you drive a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, someone out there will also have a similar car to you.

The solution

I have a very very very very very simple solution. I think the best car to drive, in today’s world, almost irregardless of where you live is a simple old-school white Prius. I really like the year 2010 model, and up. Why? The good thing with the 2010 model is that there are no stupid LCD screens that pop up or touchscreens which distract you.

Secondly, these things last forever, and also, I actually really like the body styling the 2010 Prius model. The generation before it looks too much like a bubble car, and the generation after it, looks like a strange half assed effort.

The brand new Prius is very very cool, but still I am suspicious because considering that it is a totally new design, they will probably discover some issues with it. And also once again, all this unnecessary tech.

The car as your creative canvas?

Also the fun thing about just getting an old used car is that you can fuck it up and you don’t really care that much. So for example, this 2010 white Prius that I inverted; I have been having a lot of fun spray painting it, spray painting the rims, Touching up the paint here and there, badging it and modifying it etc.

Also, I think ultimately ultimate privilege is convenience, and living more streamlined. This means being able to live a maximally productive, efficient, streamlined life.

Even being in LA, finding electric chargers is a pain in the butt. And also it takes too long. The amazing thing is my Prius, the last month, I literally only filled it up once, and just going to the close by Arco, it only cost me 40 bucks!

Become the Lamborghini or the Ferrari?

Some other funny thoughts: study and observe and deconstruct the bodies style and the ethos of these cars, and figure out how you could integrate it into your own own bodily physiology.

For example, I really like Lamborghini cars for how wide and low to the ground they are. And how they look like fighter jets. so then the practical thought is why not try to transform your body to look the same?

Or, people who buy these huge pick up trucks, lift them up, or the Overlanding vehicles. Instead of buying a rugged car, why not strive to make your body more rugged? More effective interesting and also way cheaper!


I have never really met anybody with an impressive car who also had an impressive looking body. Car shows an auto shows are funny, because the question is this; who are you more interested in, the owner or the car? My friend Don Dillon laughed and said of course the car!

When you step into the mall or the gym, nobody has any idea what car you drive

Anybody who drives an impressive car, what they do not understand is this; once you go inside the gym or the mall, nobody has any idea what car you drive. You become naked.

How do cars matter, how don’t they?

First and foremost, nobody wants to be sedentary inside a car, irregardless of how expensive or nice the car is. Why? From a pure physiology perspective, sitting down and being sedentary is bad.

The best option is instead, to be out and about in the real world, open fresh air, using your legs. Even a lot of guys who get really really really really successful end up getting into bicycle racing and riding instead? Why? Technically when you’re riding a bicycle, it is almost like you’re in a convertible, as you get fresh air all around you. Second, riding a bicycle is just plain fun! I don’t really believe of bicycle riding from a pure “exercise“ philosophy; there are much better ways to exercise that don’t involve sitting on your butt. And once again, the reason why I think riding a bicycle purely for “exercise“, isn’t good because you are still sitting on your butt! Even though you are pumping your legs.

A funny thing that Seneca has been doing is he got a free balancing bicycle without pedals, and he just walks it around! This seems to be a good idea because he is still able to walk himself around.

Walking lifestyle?

A very simple life thought and strategy is this: better to rent in a very very very desirable neighborhood, which allows for maximum walking, instead of owning or buying a house even in “good” neighborhood?

Even from a pure productivity perspective, I am far happier and more productive being able to just walk everywhere, instead of having to rely on the agency of driving a car.

Now what?

Some simple thoughts:

  1. First, rather than aspiring to buy that new desirable car, better instead to think of modifying and transforming and customizing the car you already got. Figure out how creative you could become!
  2. Instead of buying a Tesla, better to gain his mindset. I recommend downloading and reading the Elon Musk biography book by Walter Isaacson. Just buy it in the iBook store, and read it on your iPhone or iPad. Or if you drive a lot, maybe it is a good idea to just get it as an audiobook!
  3. Think hybrid. I still think in today’s world, even though gas and petroleum is bad for the planet, the ultimate car is still some sort of hybrid car. Whether it be hybrid, plug-in hybrid, etc., or just a straight up hybrid. One concept I actually found very interesting is this notion of a turbo hybrid; I have no idea how it works, but apparently I think it is available on the new Kia Sportage car, as well as the new Toyota Crown car?
  4. If you live in LA or Southern California, or plan to come down here, definitely check out the Peterson automotive museum! I think if you are into cars or car culture, you’ll probably gain at least one creative idea.
  5. Instead of wasting all that money on a car or your car, better instead to think and consider spending that money on insanely great food instead. Eat more organ meats, 100% grass fed beef, 100% grass fed lamb, bone marrow, which is essentially the demigod food of the gods, cheek, tongue.
  6. Whenever you see a nice car, always try to look through the car window and give a good stare to who is actually driving the car. Become less interested in the car, become more interested in the person driving the car.
  7. I still think it is a fun idea to try to psycho analyze people, car behavior, why people drive searching cars etc. I am still fascinated by this concept, “Tell me what car you drive, and I will tell you who you are.”
  8. Think American. Am I the only liberal I know who is still pro America? Let us not forget that Tesla is technically an American car company! I’m also still really big into Ford, I really really enjoyed the Ford versus Ferrari film. In fact, I think it is a harder flex to buy that new Ford Mustang, the one that looks like a supercar, instead of buying some sort of loser Lamborghini or loser Ferrari. American muscle is supreme.

Tesla innovation

A lot of things unravel here. One idea is studying Tesla Elon Musk is from a design and production and innovation perspective— I gained some great ideas from it.

First, one thing that I learned from the Peterson automotive museum which was insanely inspiring was seeing a deconstructed Tesla. It is so insanely innovative.

One idea is how Elon and his team innovated and discovered new ways of merging the unit frame body and the production as well as the batteries. The more you can merge the two together, the better.

I think ultimately there is an underlying philosophy behind it all. Some innovation thoughts:

  1. Merge the components
  2. Consolidate
  3. Delete, delete, delete
  4. Start from a blank slate and canvas 
  5. Think first principles
  6. Question all of the rules and regulations
  7. Have a supreme disregard for authority
  8. Never compromise on design
  9. Think 1 trillion, $10 trillion industry. 1T, 10T.
  10. Legitimately care.

I think one thing that people don’t get about Elon Musk is that I think there is a strange thought that some people are just money hungry. With Elon this is not the case. I think that your mission must be so insanely critical to you, you are willing to sacrifice everything to obtain it.

Never stop thinking



A quick overview of some recent thoughts, namely, around physiology, our human physiology as well as AI, ART, ETC:

Something I have cared for a lot ever since I was a fat kid in New York, was diet health physiology and everything in between.

Ever since I was 11 to 12 years old, fat with a triple chin, I have literally experimented with every single diet out there, save this nonsensical vegetarian and vegan trend.

Why does this matter?

I met this cool guy the other day, at the Phils coffee shop in downtown Culver City, named Sodi (his website is

We had an interesting chat about how fitness is so critical, especially with all of these silicon valley tech utopists who just think of their body as an afterthought.

I vibe with Stedman Halliday because of many different reasons.

First, the focus on recovery as a first thought is a good one. For example, another day when I was really really tired and exhausted, instead of just taking a shower like I typically do, I filled up the bathtub with really really really really really hot water, and had a really really hot bath. It seems that the trend is towards ice baths, ice plunges etc., but also, I think taking insanely hot baths is also a good idea.

Why? To be able to tolerate an insanely hot bath, literally on the edge of boiling hot water, is also an effective bodily turbo charger. To me it is like my MacGyver way of harnessing the power of the hot sauna, without having to go to the gym.

In fact, maybe having a bathtub might be one of the greatest luxuries in your living situation. Rather than thinking of taking a really really hot bath as a frivolous luxury, maybe we should think of it almost like drinking more coffee or caffeine.


Currently what I am doing, and what I have done ever since I was living in Vietnam in 2017, which is almost 6 years now, is simple:

Intermittent fasting throughout the day, this means no breakfast, no lunch, only one massive 100% carnivore dinner.

During the day I only drink tapwater, black coffee, that’s it.

There’s also this funny story in the Walter Isaacson biography of Elon Musk when he was visiting the Twitter office, one of the employees offered him some of the sparkling death sparkling water, and Elon refused and said, “I just drink tapwater”. Haha.

And when I break my fast and eat dinner, which could arrange anywhere in between 6 PM and 10 PM, I strive to eat at least 4 to 5 pounds of beef or lamb.

Achilles and Chiron the centaur

Another great thing I have learned from ChatGPT is how great wonderful and effective ChatGPT is, at least 1 trillion times better than Google. In fact, my current thought is Short Google; ChatGPT is at least 1 billion times more insightful and accurate in terms of being able to accurately Find information about anything.

For example, a simple heuristic:

The best calling card is now, not to tell people to Google you, but instead, to ChatGPT you!

Why? I’m starting to have this low-key suspicion that Google is doing some sort of behind the counter deals with individuals, and somehow tweaking they are all rhythm for subjective ends.

However with ChatGPT, it is less biased, less meddling.

For example, get ChatGPT on your iPhone or iPad, just pay the $20 for the subscription model, you could cancel it anytime, and just ChatGPT:

Who is ERIC KIM?

The new phrase:

Just ChatGPT me bro!

My thoughts and experiments

I think the biggest issue with diet health physiology and nutrition is that people are so subjective, and also, there is far too many politics, ethics and morality behind it.

For example, I never trust anybody who says:

Don’t eat meat, it’s bad for the planet!

What? Do you know what else is bad for the planet? Your Amazon prime subscription, Netflix, YouTube, your iPhone and iPhone Pro, your MacBook pros, your Tesla, your Range Rover etc.

Simple heuristic:

Never trust nobody who makes commentary about the planet and has either a Netflix subscription, Amazon prime subscription, or owns a car, any card, irregardless of gas or electric. Or watches YouTube. Or has an iPhone, iPhone Pro, and has Instagram Facebook, etc.

Honestly it is all bad for the planet.

My immortal and ethical thought is this:

Don’t do what is “best for the planet“, do what you believe is best for you.

Is the planet made for men, or is man-made for the planet?

Body shaming?

I have observed a funny reverse trend; man is not permitted to walk around, topless in public, show off his body and muscles, and also, not allowed to wear short shorts, or show off his crotch bulge.

I find this highly paradoxical, because nowadays, women are permitted to show off all their body parts! Even nowadays in LA, seeing a woman wear some sort of translucent white shirt or tank top, nipples popping through is not really a big deal anymore. I think this is a good train; there’s this weird quote for men and women that this is seen as a taboo, yet, it seems that most men watch pornography and secret, just ask somebody for fun, “When you turn on Google incognito, what do you really look at?”


What do you think of Maria Ozawa?


What do you torrent on Pirate Bay, when you turn on your VPN?

The logic of 100% carnivore diet

Some nuances:

First, what is it that Achilles was fed as a child by his personal trainer, Chiron the Centaur? Legend has it that he was fed entrails, which included bone marrow, hearts, and other offal matter.

I also have an orthodox theory that cholesterol, dietary food cholesterol, is a natural steroid.

I believe the new ones here is critical, because people make this foolish calculus:

If I consume more dietary cholesterol, cholesterol in my food, then my blood HDL, bad cholesterol blood levels will go up, and I will eventually have a heart attack and die.

Also fat –

If you consume more dietary fat, or saturated fat, you will put on more body fat.

However, this ain’t true. I think the big issue is that in today’s world, or modern day English, the semantic lexicon issues is confusing.

Just try it out!

Whenever I get to Korean barbecue, all eat Korean barbecue, my favorite food items to consume include all the innards; beef large intestine, beef liver, beef, beef tongue, etc.

People say that eating meat is “bad for you“, but what about organ meats? Are organ meats “meat”?

Training thoughts

So the question is this; what is the best way to train?

My personal thought is towards some sort of ancient spartan, ancient Greek notion. The thoughts I’ve been thinking:

How did or how would the ancient Greeks or Spartan train?

First and foremost, they’re very very interesting thing is that most depictions of these great heroes and demigods is not having super super big chests, therefore the simple thought is that perhaps benchpress is a bad idea.

Also for fun, I’ve been asking ChatGPT to generate me images to visualize what an ancient Greek would look like when they were training; how a demigod would train, how Achilles would train, how Hercules would train etc.

What is more notable about their physiology and stature?

When I observe ancient Greek statues, or visualizations of ancient Greeks, what do I look at?

First, how upright they stand. Second, they never have a shirt on. Third, how massive their legs, back, and shoulders are.

My recent experimentations with training include heavy sandbag training; I ordered a 400 pound sandbag on the website, and I just been going to the local park and filling it up with playground sand.

Second, Farmer’s Carry. I ordered these farmers carry handles on, and it is very interesting! The skill is not just picking it up, but walking with it.

For example, it is one thing to lift 4 plates, it is another to farmers walk and carry 4 plates for the distance.

Another thing I have observed about lifting a heavy sand back off the floor, crouching down picking it up, shouldering it, or holding it to my chest with my fingers intertwined, and walking it for a long distance is it really strengthens my triceps, my fingers and my grip and hand strength, my foot strength, my feet, as well as my abs, obliques, and back. In fact I felt more sore carrying around I have sandbag than I did atlas lifting 1000 pounds at the gym.

Train like atlas

One of the big innovations I did while I was in Orange County was my notion of the atlas lift; loading up the barbell with as much weight as you can, and just lifting up and standing up. No squatting involved.

In fact, it looks like that my training style is starting to trend more towards a strongman concept; just lifting really really heavy stuff, and doing it in a more old-school way.

For example, atlas stones. To be able to just lift up a very very very very heavy boulder, and presumably throw it at somebody, is an interesting idea. This is what Achilles did; in some of the fight scenes of the Iliad, Homer would write:

Achilles would lift up a massive stone, that which barely two strong men could lift, throw it at his enemy, and the boulder hit their hip, and black death descended upon them.

Also something I have been observing is that perhaps heavy sandbag training is a good idea because it is “safe”, and also, more accessible. Anyone could buy a cheap sandbag on Amazon, and then just go to a local playground and fill it up with sand.

Now what?

Ever since moving to LA, I’ve become more and more reticent to join the gym. Why?

First, I prefer to be outdoors.

Second, I don’t like wearing a shirt.

Third, hygiene.

Working out at the park, in a parking lot, in your garage, or outside is not ideal, but, it is more interesting and innovative.

A simple thought is to just troll amazon,, or the website and buy a lot of fun weight lifting equipment! My simple thought is only procure equipment that you could easily throw in your trunk, because it is fun to be able to just put in your trunk, drive to your local park and work out there.

Now what?

Some more thoughts:

  1. Bear lifestyle: Apparently bears walk 50 miles a day. What if we humans did the same?
  2. Photography health and fitness is all connected: why? If you do not feel well, you’ll have no in motivation to make photos. My very simple thought is that first, focus on your health and wellness, and then the guitar will come naturally! Even a simple thought is being able to do a deep “as to grass“ squat is beneficial in photography, to get all the angles.
  3. If you work in cinema, or cinematography, it seems that handling these camera rigs is insanely arduous and also very physical. If you look like a bodybuilder, and had the strength of a demigod, or look like a strong man, or look like ERIC KIM, certainly wouldn’t this help you be a more capable camera operator?

Photo assignments

Here this is where I think shooting selfies of yourself, topless if you’re a man, or in the sports bra for women is a good idea, because Vitar is a good way to keep you motivated and on track with your fitness diet health and physiology.

These are my very very very very very simple suggestions: mostly via negative.

If you want to lower your body fat percentage, simple things to do which include:

  1. Don’t eat breakfast or lunch, only dinner. During the day drink lots of tapwater, black coffee with nothing added, or green tea.
  2. Just experiment; don’t need any fruit or vegetables, starches, leafy greens, etc. No nuts.
  3. Experiment with 100% carnivore diet, or maybe 100% organ meat diet. Only beef heart, beef intestine, either large or small, beef kidneys, beef liver, beef tongue. If you don’t like organ meats, just eat 100% grass-fed ground beef, get it at Costco or Aldi or somewhere cheap. The percentages which taste good are 80/20 or 75/15– I like the wagyu ground beef at Costco.
  4. Quit alcohol, weed, beer, drugs, EDM, festivals, bars, restaurants, etc.
  5. Quit almond butter, avocados, whole grains, fruits, fruit juices, fake sugar supplements, real sugar, starches, coke, Coke Zero, pre workout powder, protein powder etc.

When you break your fast aim for 5-6 pounds of meat a dinner.

How to channel your wellness?

Then the simple thought is once you are very well, how do you wish to channel your wellness?

Ultimately, I don’t think it is fitness for the sake of fitness, but rather, the fitter and stronger you become, the more adept you will become as a thinker, writer, creator, photographer etc.

Think more, become more.




Photo ideas

Zen photography assignment: strive to make the most minimalistic Zen photo, and upload your best Zen photo to

ChatGPT experiments

I love AI. Download ChatGPT to your iPhone or iPad, and upgrade to the paid subscription, an experiment with it for a month.

Upload your photos to it, and ask ChatGPT to give you feedback on your photos, or you could upload three photos, and just ask it which of the three he thinks is the best.

Don’t miss out on AI; this is the biggest thing to hit the planet ever since the Internet!


Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, it is good to have many different baskets. Why? If there is a single chokepoint or a single point of failure, this is not good.

I think the best way to think and approach things is just assume and predict and know that sooner or later, it will break, go down, become inaccessible, etc.

A simple thing that you could do with websites is this: how many different mirrors of your website, on different platforms. For example, build websites on Amazon web services, build it with blue,, The only thing I would probably not build on is Google, which always deprecates their old technology, and has a bias to discontinue products.

Also, maybe even Tumblr.

Propagate all the platforms!

Think islands, web, webs, multiple redundancies.

Train with EK

Random — if you live in LA and want to train with me, just shoot me an email at

Stoic training, stoicism and physiology?

Another fun idea that I have is that maybe there is in fact a link between stoicism, physiology, and also bodily training.


First, let us consider our physiological response to stressors environment etc.

Example, when I get angry, it is a physiological response. I feel the cortisol and stress entering my face, and enlarges my eyeballs, I get a huge shot of adrenaline etc.

Therefore, my simple thought is if you want to become a true stoic, the training must be physical, physiological.

Also, fear. What is fear? Fear is also manifested as adrenaline, as well as stress hormones, chemicals in your body, etc.

To conquer fear, and to become a true stoic, I believe it is all about mastering your physiology, mastering your stress hormones and responses etc.

It is all about training

ASKESIS an ancient Greek, the same notion of aesthetic, or aestheticism is rooted in the notion of training. As guesses, becoming harder, becoming stronger.

Even our best friend Nietzsche says ultimately the goal is to become the hammer, the diamond. To not be soft and yielding, but to create, become harder.

Why is it that softness is considered a virtue in today’s world?

A funny observation that I’ve made is that in today’s world, to be soft, yielding, open minded, flexible etc. is seen as a virtue. Yet I find this very paradoxical and little bit contradictory in the sense that it is all context dependent;

For example, racism, Nazis, holocaust deniers, anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic or anti-African-American people; shouldn’t we be maximally intolerant to these people? A zero tolerance rule here is good.

My personal thought is that in order to become more virtuous, we actually must become harder. To become more unyielding, to become more strict, and more harsh.

For myself, even though there is a lot of things about Korean culture which I deem as bad, one of the good things that come out of Korean culture is that the man is expected to be hard, strong, stoic, never showing his emotions or feelings etc.

Why do I believe this is a good thing?

Certainly if you grow up in America, sooner or later you’re going to naturally learn to be open minded, flexible, etc. So I think that we also need the antipodes; do not just be soft and yielding and flexible, but also to become harder and stronger and more staunch.

“Never say no more than once, if you really mean it” – NASSIM TALEB

Child rearing?

Never say “last one”?

Now that Seneca is two years, nine months old, he is an expert negotiator. He knows how to ask for 30 more seconds, one more minute, etc. Essentially he knows how to game the system.

I think from a lexical perspective, we must be very sparing with our words.

For example, it seems that the wise idea is to not just use words, but rather to enforce them.

For example, never tell a kid that something is dangerous if it isn’t really dangerous. What is truly dangerous? Kids running into the street and getting hit by a car and getting killed, falling from a very very very high surface and cracking open their skull and brain, etc. A lot of the time when we tell a kid something is dangerous, you’re just giving them false words.

“Never apologize or say “I am sorry“, unless you really mean it”. – NASSIM TALEB

Now what?

I would say now I’m moving forward, do radical experiments with your health, physiology, well-being, etc. Make this your number one critical priority and I think everything else will follow.



What is ERIC KIM up to?

  1. AI: I just built ERICKIM.AI.
  2. Thinking about the centaur approach, the general idea first came from chess, in which a human player with the assistance of a laptop in a computer made a more formidable opponent than just human or just computer themselves. I think this is very interesting, because a computer plus human will outwit just a computer. or in other words, AI which assists a human being will make a stronger opponent than just computer or just man alone.
  3. If you’re passion is creativity, photography or art etc., you must download Chi BT to your phone and iPad, and subscribe to the ChatGPT plus plan, which is only 20 bucks a month. I think it is literally the best invention known to mankind as of now. Rather than spending $2000 on a new iPhone Pro, just take the plunge and spend the measly 20 bucks on the greatest invention of all time!

I think one of my current fun things is combining photography AI and creativity. Why? Anything which is a creative stimulus and turbocharger for you is great!

Don’t miss out; this is your opportunity.

In fact, Don and Jose gave me a good idea; maybe I will do some sort of AI art creativity photography workshop in the near future. Stay posted.

How to get started with ChatGPT

Very very simple. Open up the App Store, and search touch GPT and download the official ChatGPT app by open AI. Then, click the ChatGPT for icon in the top right corner, and then subscribe to the paid model which is only 20 bucks a month. Then, click the little slider drop-down thingy, and switch it to the image generation tool which is DALL-E (I think it is named after Wally, the cute little robot from the Pixar movie).

My suggestion is have fun with it! Some creative thoughts:

  1. Ask it to write a haiku about XYZ
  2. Ask it to explain a complicated concept to you as if you were five years old
  3. Ask it to give you a summary of the best ancient quotes about XYZ
  4. For DALL-E, the image generation AI, make it as hilarious and preposterous as possible! For example, put in a prompt like “Make me a picture of a Spartan demigod deadlifting 1000 pounds of bitcoin, in the spirits of Korean aesthetics

Market manipulation?

Thinking about FTX, the same guy, as well as the GameStop story, dumb money.

I think what people do not understand about finance is that ultimately, it comes down to human beings. I think the biggest issue though is as Michael Lewis revealed in flash boys, there seems to be weird under the table market manipulations which help some individuals get stupid rich.

Ultimately, the market, the modern day agora, I think it all comes out to speculation not “investing”. And even more than that, pride.

For example, my bitcoin pride. My funny idea is that I no longer care for US dollars, only bitcoin. in fact, now that bitcoin is bouncing back, I envision a third grade rally. I’m thinking about trying to buy more.

So what is the future of AI?

Some of my visions:


I think i’ve discovered the next $10 trillion industry; AI, artificial intelligence etc.

My vision

I have some grand visions for AI:

First, some sort of photo creation AI, or some sort of AI that helps you cull down your photos. for example, I currently have a backlog of about 10,000 photos, not really sure when I’m going to have the time to look through all of them.

Some sort of AI photo curator division is you could just feed it 10,000 images, JPEG, and have it simply sort and filter it down to your most interesting or best shots. You can give a custom instructions, and it will learn your preferences overtime.

Also, writing. It seems that a lot of writers have issues with “writers block“, which means that they have a vision of what they want to write, but, what holds them back is that somehow they get stuck somewhere.

A very simple solution is having AI help you write more. Some thoughts include more robust and accurate voice recognition models, which allow writers to simply voice dictate their thoughts and write, instead of having to use the agency of a keyboard.

A camera without a shutter button?

Another fun idea that I have is some sort of notion of a camera without a shutter button. Kind of like the narrative clip, or the Google clips; I sent you some sort of device that you have mounted on you, and it automatically shoots photos when it sees something that is significant.

I still think it needs to be some sort of standalone device, because the big issue is with a clip, there are still human concerns about privacy, being creepy etc.

The future for phones?

Whether we like it or not, it looks like we are stuck with this phone analogy. I hesitate calling it a “device”— this doesn’t really mean anything. We should just call it an iPhone; essentially everyone in America at this point has an iPhone.

What should a phone be?

We gotta make AI on phones better.

For example this is where I think Google is doing a very good job, they are actually using AI to try to make her lives more helpful.

For example, this call screening technology. The general idea is that if you get a unknown phone call, I hate picking it up. I hate scammers. It seems that Google AI is very good at screening these annoying phone calls.

What I actually think that the most critical thing about AI in phones is that there needs to be some sort of thing which allows you to know whether a certain phone call is critical or not, at this given moment.

For example, the biggest issue that we have is getting interrupted. Getting distracted, notifications etc.

In fact, I have a bold suggestion for Apple or maybe even Google:

When you first set up your phone, by default have all of the notifications off, and then later, give the user the ability to enable them all.

Or another simple suggestion is when your first setting up your phone, give a prompt to the user asking them whether they would like to have all notifications on or off by default, and or give them the ability to customize which notifications they define important.

For example, all of my notifications on my iPhone are disabled it besides FaceTime. This is a good filter because the only really critical person I need to contact me is Cindy. And she knows that if it is urgent thing, she knows how to FaceTime me.

By default I turn off text message notifications because 99.99% of them are not urgent nor interesting. Also from a pure efficiency and productivity perspective, it is far more efficient and productive to just give someone a phone call or FaceTime instead of texting them back-and-forth.

chatGPT phone

My idea is that open AI and ChatGPT should make their own standalone phone. This might be the next trillion dollar company. Or maybe open AI could collaborate with Microsoft and build their ChatGPT phone on the windows phone platform concept.

Siri is pretty good, but it looks like ChatGPT is at least a quadrillion times better. If you could naturally integrate both ChatGPT directly into the phone, the tight integration of both software and hardware and AI, I think you have hit a gold mine.

For more thoughts email me at

Other ways that AI could be very useful

Let me give you another example. Let us say that I recorded a vlog and I want to directly upload it to YouTube and my website, and also extract the audio file, and uploaded to my website and my podcast platform etc. I should be able to do this all via AI script, without the need of any other foreign intercession.

Also, I want an easy way to quickly filter all my photos, and also I want to be able to do it off-line. I think the big Achilles heel of ChatGPT right now is that is pretty much useless without an Internet connection, Wi-Fi, or a mobile 4G or 5G connection.

No more iPhone?

I love my iPad Pro to death, but I hit my iPhone with a passion. It really sucks.

It sucks so bad I’m thinking about switching to android, back to android, maybe this time getting a Google pixel phone.

Honestly all the phones are bad, maybe the best solution is just no phone.

Now what?

  1. Download ChatGPT to your phone or iPad, and subscribe to the $20 a month subscription plan, and start generating images! Have fun with it, the more silly and ridiculous and preposterous, the better!
  2. The next time you go on a walk, play with your kid at the park etc., just leave your phone at home, or locked inside your glove compartment. I’m starting to think more and more that having a phone, iPhone or a smart phone is bad for your brain. It makes you think poorly. Instead when you’re out and about, just walk around with your iPad Pro! No keyboard or no loser stylus.
  3. Within reason, spend maximum time in the direct sun, maximum UV absorption, ideally take off your shirt, and wear short shorts. I think the new modern day signal of power and prestige is having a full body tan. Even Elon Musk looks like a bleached whale.

Books to read?

I highly highly highly recommend Elon Musk biography by Walter Isaacson, just download it to your iBooks store, Kindle, by the hardcover or just listen to it as a audiobook! The audiobook option might be interesting if you spend a lot of time in a car and commuting. Lots of lessons here.

I’m starting to read the book “going infinite“, specifically because I am passionate about bitcoin and crypto. Also I think Michael Lewis is just a great writer; his writing is fun, carefree, and also very insightful.

The Jeff Bezos invent and wander book is great. And also zero to one by Peter Thiel still resonates today.

More thoughts to come!



If this gave you even one funny thought, feel free to forward to a friend!