Bitcoin Power

I’ve been following bitcoin ever since I lived in Vietnam off the grid, around 2016 2017. I still will never forget, when I was in my junior year living with my roommate Kevin, in our UCLA studio apartment housing, I think my friend Kevin was already, and told me about the whole bitcoin thing and the whole pizza thing, and he said –“Hey Eric, we should just buy $100 worth of bitcoin and see what happens to it.” I remember I think I was doing something else, slightly distracted and shrugged and said “Eh… let’s not bother… it’s probably a scam”. I think at the time bitcoin was worth a fraction of a cent, so in theory me and Kevin both could’ve just bought hundreds maybe even thousands a bitcoins, while we were still in college, I think this was 2009. Before either of us even owned a smart phone. I actually think the original iPhone 3 came out my junior of college.

Anyways, fast forwarding a bit when living in Vietnam, at one of my beloved coffee shops, I remember seeing bitcoin at around $300 a bitcoin, seeing at least spike beyond $1000, which the mind of anybody following it. I think other fantastic Limits included when it broke $10,000 a bitcoin, $20,000 a bitcoin, $50,000 a bitcoin, now over $70,000 a bitcoin. My personal thought is once it breaks $100,000 bitcoin, it is only uphill from here.

“If it is not going to zero, it is going to a million” – Michael Saylor